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The Steeler completed the most passes in Super Bowl 45.

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Q: Which team attempted the most passes in super bowl 45?
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Who has intercepted the most passes in the Super Bowl?

Deion Sanders

What black receiver has caught the most passes in a Super Bowl?

Jerry Rice

Who has the most passes completed in one Super Bowl game?

Tom Brady, the Quarterback of the New England Patriots, holds the record for most completions in a Super Bowl. Brady had 32 pass completions in Super Bowl XXXVIII versus the Carolina Panthers. The Patriots won the game 32-29.

What quarter back has completed the most passes in a Super Bowl?

Joe Montana- He completed seven of eight passes.

Who is the quarter back with the most Super Bowl pass attempts without interception?

That is Joe Montana who threw 0 interceptions in 122 Super Bowl passes.

Which player has the most touch down passes in Super Bowl game?

Steve Young in SB XXlX with 6 TD passes.

What quarterback has thrown the most pass attempts without an interception in a Super Bowl?

As of Super Bowl XLII, that would be Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers who threw 36 passes in Super Bowl XXIII against the Cincinnati Bengals without an interception. Additionally, Montana never threw an interception in the four Super Bowls he played in. He threw 122 total passes in the four Super Bowl games without throwing an intereption. Drew Brees broke Joe Montana's record in Super Bowl 44 as he threw 39 passes without an interception.

Who has the most passing touchdowns in a Super Bowl?

Steve Young of the San Francisco 49ers holds the Super Bowl record for most TD passes in a game with 6 against the San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX that the 49ers won 49-26.

Who is the most accurate quarterback in a Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, that is Phil Simms of the New York Giants who completed 88% of his passes (22 of 25) in Super Bowl XXI, a 39-20 Giants win over the Denver Broncos.

What player holds the record for the most interceptions in a Super Bowl game?

Rod Martin of the Oakland Raiders intercepted three passes in Super Bowl XV on January 25, 1981, when the Raiders defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, 27-10. Martin also is tied with Chuck Howley of the Dallas Cowboys for most career Super Bowl interceptions with three.

Who has thrown the most touchdowns in one Super Bowl?

Steve Young of the San Francisco 49ers with 6 TD passes in Super Bowl XXIX against the San Diego Chargers. The 49ers won, 49-26.

What quarterback has the most career completions in a super bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLIV, that is Tom Brady of the New England Patriots who completed 32 passes in Super Bowl XXXVIII, a Patriots 32-29 victory over the Carolina Panthers and Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints who completed 32 passes in Super Bowl XLIV, a Saints 31-17 victory over the Indianapolis Colts.