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The suspension.

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Q: Which system on an automobile uses shock absorbers?
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What part on a car uses shock absorbers?


What is the oil capacity for ds80 front shock absorbers?

Type your answer here... DS 80 uses 80ml of SAE 10 per fork leg.

What struts come on a 1997 Chevrolet Blazer S-10 ZR2?

That vehicle doesn't use struts. It uses regular shock absorbers on the front and rear.

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Is there a replacement air shock that uses the rear leveling system on the Mazda MPV?

No there is not. The Monroe 818 air shocks are the closest that may work.

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What kind of simple machine is an automobile fan belt?

A fan belt is a type of simple machine that uses the pulley system. That is how the belt gets turned by the wheels.

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What is 20 20w motor oil used for?

John Deere Model B uses 20-20W oil. Some shock forks do also. I have an old Hesston Haybine that uses in the hydraulic system.

What kind of oil is used in a shock absorber?

Each manufacture uses a special blend of oil in their automobile shocks. Unless you are talking about the front tubes on a motorcycle you cannot replace the oil. Refer to your owners manual for the correct oil to use in a motorcycle.

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