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Q: Which stroke is used to start every point in tennis?
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When does tennis season start?

there is no particular starting point, there are like tournaments every 2 weeks i think. and grand slams every few months. but normally, people who can travel around the world, or dont have indoor tennis courts play in the summer.

What is the age restriction for a stroke counter in table tennis?

there are never any age restrictions in table tennis, usually once you are able to see above the table. that would be the perfect time to start

How many edges does a tennis ball have?

zero because edges have a point and tennis balls have no points or parts that end or start

How do you start a dirt bike when its cold out?

depending on if its a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke with my 2 stroke I turn the choke on and tip it until the carburetor bleeds. and it fires up every time

What is a service in tennis?

In tennis, a service is when one opponent hits the tennis ball over the net into the opposite box. It's how tennis players start the point. If you miss the first serve, you get to serve again, but if you miss that, the point is over. Your opponent won that point. If the ball hits the net before bouncing over, it is called a let. Source: Many years of playing tennis.

Does every river start at the same point and why?

No every river starts at its own unique geographic point on Earth.

In tennis when you start a match which side do you serve from?

On the first serve of every game you serve from the right side.

What sports start with a letter t?

Tennis Tennis

Will a 2 stroke bike start if you put 4 stroke in it?

If you put 4 stroke what in it

When was tennis first played in Australia?

who frist played tennis? What year did tennis start?

Why did nadal start playing tennis?

He started playing tennis 'cause he liked tennis.

What does a tennis game start with?

A tennis game starts with a serve.

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