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peter crouch

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Q: Which strikers in the English Premier League have gone the longest without scoring a goal?
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What players are responsible for doing most of the scoring?


Who has the English record for scoring the five fastest goals in a premier league match?

Brian Dear

What is the most goals in an English premier league game?

The highest scoring match in English Premier League history is 7-4, Portsmouth vs Reading on September 29th, 2007.

What are strikers in soccer?

strikers are basically 'goal attackers' they play up front and are skilled at scoring goals.

Where is Villa la nata?

It was shown on Carlos Tevez undershirt after scoring his one hundredth English Premier Leasgue goal.

What are the biggest scorelines in the English Premier Leagues history?

The highest scoring game in Premier League history as the 7-4 thriller between Portsmouth and Reading on 29-Sep-2007.

What are two to four offensive players responsible for scoring goals called?

The offensive players responsivle for scoring goals are called strikers or forwards.

What is the longest scoring run in the NBA?


Best goal scoring midfielder in the premier league?

Frank Lampard

Player to score maximum goals in EPL?

Alan Shearer holds the English Premier league scoring record with 260 goals. The distant second is Andy Cole with 187. The top scoring player still playing in the premier league is Michael Owen of Manchester United, with 146 career league goals.

Which is the highest scoring English premier league game so far?

127432688431 goals in one game. Stoke City won against Manchester United

What stops opposing players from scoring points in soccer?

Either the opposing strikers, mid fielders, defendants, or goalies.

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