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the best quaterback is Peyton Manning

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โˆ™ 2007-09-21 17:31:52
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Q: Which state has the most active NFL quarterback?
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Which NFL quarterback has the most Super Bowl victories?

Current active Qb with most is Tom Brady

Who is the oldest active quarterback in the nfl?

Brett Favre

Who is the best active NFL quarterback?

Most experts would say Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.

Which active quarterback in the nfl can throw the furthest?

Ben Roethlisberger

Which university has most active in NFL players?

The University of Miami, followed by Florida State University have the most active players in the NFL

Oldest NFL quarterback playing now?

Brett Farve is currently the oldest active quarterback in the NFL at 40 years of age.

How many active quarterback's in the NFL are black?

There are 16 active Black QB in the NFL, Michael Vick make 17 upon his return to the NFL

Is Brett Favre the oldest quarterback currently in the NFL?

Brett Favre is currently the oldest active quarterback.

What state has the most successful quarterback's in the national football league?

I meant to put in NFL history

What position get paid the most in the NFL?

The Quarterback does...

Most winning quarterback?

The most winningest quarterback in the NFL is Brett Favre with 186 wins

Did Tony Romo retire?

No, he is still an active quarterback in the NFL (National Football League).

Can a wide receiver play quarterback if he is listed as a wide receiver on the 45 man active roster in the NFL?

Yes, as an emergency quarterback.

Is Brett Favre the oldest active player in nfl?

He is the Oldest active Quarterback. Placekickers here and there a much older than him.

Which NFL quarterback has had the most concussions?

Steve young

Who has the most wins in the NFL at quarterback?

Brett Favre

Who has the Most seasons in NFL as a quarterback?

george blanda

Which position in the NFL football get pays the most?


What quarterback in nfl history sucks the most?

Joe Montana

Who is the most unaccurate quarterback in nfl history?

Mark Sanchez

What nfl quarterback has the most sacks in 2012?

michael vick

What NFL quarterback has played the most games?

Fran tarkenton

What NFL quarterback has the most comeback wins?

John Elway

Who has the most NFL career quarterback yardage?

Tom Brady

What quarterback holds the most NFL records?

dan marino