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Texas has 12 Division 1A College Football Schools

Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Texas Christian, Southern Methodist, Houston, Rice, Baylor, North Texas, and the University of Texas at El Paso

Add UTSA and Texas State

Ohio has 8

Ohio University, Ohio State, Miami University, Toledo, Kent State, Akron, Cincinnati and Bowling Green

California has 7

USC, UCLA, Cal, Stanford, San Diego State, Fresno State, and San Jose State

Florida has 7

Florida, Florida State, University of Miami, University of Central Florida, University of South Florida, Florida Atlantic, and Florida International

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Q: Which state has the most Division 1A football teams?
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How many division one college football teams are in Louisiana?

The state of Louisiana has 12 Division 1 college football teams. Perhaps the most well-known, and one of the best in the country in some years, would be Louisiana State University.

What football coach has the most wins in division 1A?

Joe Paterno. He has the most wins against Division 1A teams and he also is the Division 1A coach with the most wins against teams of any Division.

What state has the most college football teams?


Which college football teams have most bowl wins?

Ohio State

What are the names of some colleges that have volleyball teams?

There are a lot of colleges that have volleyball teams, whether it is division 1 or division 3. Some of the most reputable volleyball teams are from Stanford, Penn State, Louisville, Florida State and Iowa State.

Top 5 teams with the most wins in college football?


What are the most popular sports teams in the state of Connecticut?

uconn basketball and football

What are the most winningest college football teams since 2005?

Florida State University

Which team has the most consecutive wins in ncaa football?

Michigan has the most wins in Division I-A college football. From 1907 to 1917, Washington football teams were unbeaten in 63 consecutive games, fielding 1930 points, and allowing only 118, still an NCAA Division I-A record

Which five teams have the most Division 1 football championships?

The Ohio State University has 7 national championships. When they beat the University of Miami in 2002 that gave them their seventh championship since 1952.

What is the most recently created division IA football program?

While they played a few Division 1A teams in the past, Florida International became a Division 1A football program starting in the 2006 season. Their 2006 record was 0-12.

How are college football teams assigned to the various divisions?

College football teams are assigned to their various divisions based on the size of the school. Most schools that are known by the general public are filed under Division I, and are the ones shown on television for the most part.

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