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California, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Lousiana

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Q: Which state has produced the most NFL players?
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Penn state

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What state has produced the most players per capita in the NFL?

total players = 2056 Ontario - 754 Quebecwith >1000 carrer points = 26 Ontario - 15 Quebec,with >500 goals = 13 Ontario - 10 Quebec,with > 500 assists = 43 Ontario - 17 Quebec,with >+100 (+/-) = 66 Ontario - 30 Quebec.Ontario by a landslide contrary to what Montrealers want to believe ... Im a Habs fan by the way but this is reality check ... Quebec has produced alot of players but they are a distant second according to the actual numbers. see Hockey reference .com ... Montrealers should also be aware that they were the only city allowed first dibs on the top two players in their region (Quebec) up until 1970. If Toronto had first dibs on the top 2 players from Ontario than quaranteed they would have taken a significant chunk of Montreal's early cup winnining dynasties. other provinces have really good numbers as well if you look at it from a per capita perspective. this is bound to get some reaction but it is what is... sorry in advance if the truth hurts Quebec.Second AnswerOntario has produced over 1800 forwards and defensemen + over 200 goalies. Quebec comes in second with just over 600 forwards and defensemen + over 100 goalies.

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What Louisiana high school has produced the most nfl players?