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Donald Bradman

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Q: Which sports star was dubbed the boy from Bowral?
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What future NBA star was dubbed Boy Gorge when his weight passed 300 pounds in college?

Charles Barkley

What future nba star was dubbed boy george when his weight passed 300 pounds in college?

It was Charles Barkley, but it wasn't Boy George, it was Boy "Gorge" as in eats too much.

Who is a sports star who grew up on a farm?

Former MLB player Jim Thome was a farm boy.

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If you mean as a knight the noble boy was made a knight at 21.

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Why should you be chosen as sports head boy?

Because i think i am good in sports i think i can trusted to be a head boy of sports

What are the release dates for The Boy and the Star - 2008?

The Boy and the Star - 2008 was released on: USA: 2008

Is zoisite from sailor moon a girl or boy?

Zoicite is a boy in the Japanese anime version, English manga version, and a girl in the English dubbed anime version.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Boy and the Star - 2008?

The cast of The Boy and the Star - 2008 includes: Matt Mykityshyn as Boy Katherin Strickland as Narrator

Which Star Wars movie was Anakin Skywalker a boy in?

Anakin Skywalker was a boy in Star Wars Episode 1.

Did boy george star in any movie?

no he personally did not but there is a movie written about the pop star called Worried about the boy

What was the real name of the comics character Star Boy?

The real name of Star Boy (or Starman) is Thom Kallor.