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A 6 year old girl should play full contact football (in the NFL), Rugby and Ballet.

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Q: Which sports should a 6 year old girl play?
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How many sports did Greeks play a year?

Greeks did not play sports.

Why sixth graders should not play sports?

Sixth graders should not play sports why? Because they might injure them selves severely, there simply to young, it won't hurt them to wait one more year just to play,and they could play on sports teams in their communities

In what year where girls able to play sports?

In the year of 1972 girls were granted the right to play sports.

Is it bad if a 11 year old girl is tall and 98 pounds?

No! Absolutely not. A tall eleven year old girl is not "fat" if she is 98 pounds. Just eat right and play sports.

Good sports for a 10 year old girl?

Some Good Sports For 10 Year Old Girl is Netball, Swimming, Tennis and Volleyball

16 year old birthday gift for a girl-into sports and art?

i think you should give her a motepad for an gift. she'll really like it since she into sports

How do you get an eleven year old sports lover to like a 10 year old girl?

Well, try telling the boy to ask the girl what sports she likes.

Why should kids not have to pay to play sports?

Kids should not pay for sports because students should have fun.There wouldn't be fun if you have to pay a lot of money each month or year in a sport.Another reason why kids should not pay for sports is because less kids would join to play on a sport.Parents might not have the money to pay each month or year for a sport.It's a school's job to fund these activities and not a kids'. Students should participate in sports and not worry about paying.

Can a 15 year old play college sports?


What size basketball should a 9 year old girl use?

She needs to play netball not basketball. For gods sake your a girl play netball..............................(SIZE 4)

Should kids under the age of 14 play contact sports?

Yes they should. At my high school (England) we started in year seven, when I was eleven.

Recommended several for the 20-year-old girl's clothes?

Sports Girl, Supre, Cotton On

What sport should an eleven year old do?

If it is a boy in a warm weather area play waterpolo or baseball. If it is a girl play volleyball or soccer.

How much do Americans spend each year on sports?

That depends on what type of sport they play. I play sports all year around. For baseball, it costs about 50 to 100 dollars.

Is 100 pounds fat for a 13 year old girl?

no! i am exactly the same! i also play lots of sports and am active so im all muscle!

What are good toys for your one year old girl's birthday?

you should buy barbie dolls,or play houses

What exercises should a ten year old girl do?

Nothing extreme yet. Walking and any school sports will do for now. She needs the habit to move.

If you eighteen can you play high school sports?

I think you can for half of the year.

What sports does 12 year old kids play in libiya?


Can you play extra year of sports if you where homeschooled your freshman year?

No, you play by age group, or maybe skill. depending on how athletic and skilled you are.

What are the best boarding schools for girl's hockey?

Milfield (in Somerset)2nd Independant Sports School of the Year, Oakham (in Rutland)Independent Sports School of the year.

How many laps should a 11 year girl run?

Answerask your gym teacher. he or she may have a chart that tells you how many you should be able to do. also depends on what sports she playssame with BOYS

How much a 15 year old girl should weigh?

It depends on how tall you are.Also your genetics play a big part.

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there wasnt many port in the year he was growing up in so no he did not do any sports or clubs

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a10 year old girl should be about 5 to 6 stone