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soccer pays the most

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Q: Which sports pays more money
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Which pays more unemployment or disability?

Which pays more regarding unemployment or disability depends on how much money you were making at your previous job. If you were making a lot of money, then unemployment is likely to pay more.

A Plan where the government pays out more money than it takes in with taxes is called?

"A plan where the government pays out more money than it takes in with taxes"

Why do boys seem to pay more attention to sports than their girlfriends?

A girl has to decide if she wants to be with a boy that pays more attention to sports than her. Things do not change as they get older. Its not so bad if he does choose you over sports for important things.

What sports earn more money than footballers?

golf earns more money than footballers

How much money does McDonald's pay?

McDonald's pays their starting employees minimum wage or a bit more.

Does a better education lead to a better life?

Yes because if you have a better education you will get a better job that pays more. so you will have more money to do what you want to do. but i am not saying that money buys happiness.

Money left after a business pays expenses?

1. Money left after a business pays expenses

What happens if wages increase?

The worker makes more money and pays more taxes if the raise increases her tax bracket.

Where can you get a job that pays decently if you are 14?

a paper boy would be good. the more leaflets you put in the more money you make

Why do men get paid more than women in sport?

Men get paid more than woman in sports because men's sports are more popular and bring in more money when compared to woman's. Since there organization have more money, they can pay the athletes more.An athlete's pay is based on the marketability of their sport. Men's sports are more in demand as far as viewership, therefore there is more sponsorship money infused to the sport. The result then is higher pay for the athletes.

How are college sports teams endorsed by Nike?

Nike pays players to wear their shoes and endorse them, so Nike makes more money. Players want to be endorsed by Nike because THEY get paid to wear the shoes. Nike isn't the only company that does that, though.

What sports brings more money to television?

Football, and BasketBall

What are the reasons that one pays an excise tax?

There are a few different reasons that one pays an excise tax. One of the reasons is that the government needs more money for their various projects.

Should we pay money for bigger sports than little sports?

Yes, bigger sports need more money; if all sports received the same amount then some would never have enough and others would have great surplus. How that money is allocated is a completely different question, however.

What advantages come from sports?

you get more money fans and more respet andexpierence you get healty a

Who has more money then Lil Wayne or drake?

Lil' wayne, obviously! He's the one who pays drake!

What happens when sheriff pays more than what is owed at sale?

money will go to the person buying the home

Do sports people earn too much money?

Teachers should earn more than sports people!

How much money will you get if you worked a job that pays 800 cents and doubles each day for 1000 days?

More money than there are atoms in the Universe...

If someone pays to be released from further liabilities do they have to pay money later?

If someone pays to be released from further liabilities, they might have to pay more money later depending on the wording of their settlement. This means that outside of the settlement terms, they could incur liabilities.

What are some of Canada's most popular sports?

the same thing as America mostly. thou Canada pays more attention to hockey and lacrosse. there are other sports like football, soccer , curling , basketball, etc

How can a bank make money?

Banks make money off of the interest that comes from loans. When someone takes out a loan, he pays back more money than he borrowed. That money becomes the bank's profit.

How much money do recycling companies make per pound?

It depends on the substance and the community. Aluminum pays more per pound than paper. Urban areas pay more than rural areas. The East Coast pays more than the Midwest.

Who makes more money out of all sports?

football players (NFL)

If a country pays out more money to other countries than it receives from other countries it has an in its balance of payments?