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Both Rugby League and Rugby Union, gaelic football, croquet, hurling, ladies football, camogie

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2012-04-09 14:04:32
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Q: Which sports have more than eleven players on each team?
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Is there an amount of players you can have as a sports agent?

No, there is no amount of players you can have as a sports agent. The more you have, the harder it is to keep up with all their affairs. Usually, most sports agents have 1 to 3 sports players they are representing.

How many players are in a match of football?

A match is played by two teams, each consisting of not more than eleven players, one of whom is the goalkeeper. A match may not start if either team consists of fewer than seven players.

Who makes more money out of all sports?

football players (NFL)

Do football players get hurt more than Rugby players?

Rugby player but there are more minor injuries like ankle rolls, sprains, and pulls, but football players receive more serious injuries like breaks and season enders. Both sports receive their fair share of concussions and bruises. They are contact sports. Crap happens. When these things stop happening the sports are gonna disappear because people watch these sports for the contact and injury. So no football players do not get injured more than rugby players and vise versa. I play both sports and watch both sports. This is just an opinion, but I believe it is fairly accurate

How many players must a team have in soccer?

Each team starts a match with eleven players on each side. Each team is also allowed three substitutions (some lower levels don't follow this law). Though 11 players start the match, a team can end up using less players due to injuries after exhaustion of substitutions, or more commonly, due to red carded players.

What skills sports leaders have?

Nothing different than other sports players. they are just better or more experienced at that sport

How many players on the NFL field?

There should be 22 at any one time. Eleven from each team. More specifically, only 11 are "allowed" on the field from each team at a time, but the rules do not state that there must be a minimum number of players from each team. Presumably, if a team were unable to field 11 players due to injuries, for example, they could still play with some number less than 11.

What sports are paying the highest to their players?

Soccer is the most well payed players ,but there are a very few(1-3) golfers that make more.

What do drugs do to sports?

Drugs in sports makes sports unfair. Or it causes all players to risk their lives more and more to get an edge. So, if drugs in sports are banned, then it is about who trained the most and has the best skill, not who has the best "pharmacist" (or drug dealer).

How do people try to make sport more inclusive nowadays?

People try to make sports more inclusive nowadays in many ways. In junior association sports, such as YMCA junior athletics, every student within the age and weight limits is allowed to join a team, and every team has to allow each of their players a certain amount of playing time in each game. In college, professional, and Olympic sports, the players are forced to try out, but their selection is based on skill. Coaches are unable to not choose a player because of his or her skin color.

How many players does football team has?

11 (eleven) who are allowed on the playing field at one time; but there are dozens more waiting to be substituted.

Why commercialization is needed for development of sports?

So the T.V stations, players, and franchises can be paid. And because eveybody watches sports, it is more likely more commercialized products will be sold.

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