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Darts, Archery, shuffle board, trap and skeet shooting.

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I'm not 100% sure but I'm guessing they are sports when you aim for a target like archery, darts shooting etc. hop that helps :)

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darts and cruling

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Target shooting & darts.

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Q: Which sports do you aim at a target?
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Do snipers aim to wound?

they aim to stop the target

What does an acher aim at?


What does scope mean in Greek?

It derives from the greek word σκοπός (scopos/skopos) : target,aim

What is important about an aim?

you can hit the target.

How can you aim the longshot CS6?

just aim the reticule slightly above the target and to the right.

What do you call an object to be aim at with a gun?

It is the target

What is a six letter word for aim?


How do you shoot clays?

aim and fire Another answer: You do not aim a shotgun, you point a shotgun. You shoot where the target will be when the shot gets there, not where the target is when you pull the trigger. That is called "windage."

Where is the secret target on the 3rd level of wii sports resort?

In Beginner, it is slightly above the left pole, next to the tree. Aim high and slightly left. Thats all I know

What is JD sports aim and objective?


Is it aim at or aim to?

"To aim at" is to target someone or somthing, usually with a weapon or some other projectile, such as a baseball, for example. "To aim to" is an in formal way of saying "to intend to" do something. For example, "I aim to be President in 2012."

Why is there not a category for Darts in Sports?

there is! Target sports like archery