Which sports cost a lot

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Racing car....

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Q: Which sports cost a lot
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What would it cost to get a Mazda rx-8 insurance?

A lot ($150 a month),State Farm views this as a sports car.

How many sports are in the 2008 sports?

a lot

What sports have a lot to do with sports?

Yes, because a sport is a game that you can play any where, or with hands, feet or mouth so yes sports have a lot to do with sports.

Is their a disease when you are addicted to sports?

no, you just like sports a lot

What sports make a lot of money?

Hockey, Soccer, Badminton, and other famous sports are worth a lot of money.

What sports was in 1613?

a heck of a lot :

How many sports players choose a career other than sports?

A lot of them do

How much does it cost to own a sports team?

a lot like a few million to a few biillion dollars

Can sports be a job?

yes. You can get paid a lot.

What are all of the sports teams?

all lot

How is Stanford good at sports?

They have a LOT of money

Why are sports good exercise for you?

yes if you do a lot of it