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Football, Basketball

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Q: Which sports are people grouped by their age?
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Which sports are people grouped according to their weight?

Wrestling, Weightlifting, and Boxing

How are sports grouped in the Olympics?

They are grouped by what they can do and what how far and long they can do it for

Till what age do people have an interest in sports?

no age is fixed its sports junoon which matters not the age.

How were slaves grouped-?

Slaves were grouped depending on their sex and age.

How are the sports grouped?

well a sports a sport, unless its dancing, thats not a sport

What are the categories by which data are grouped?

Data can be grouped or ungrouped. The categories data are grouped in depend on the data. For example, data collected about people could be grouped as male/female, by ages, or some other common characteristic. Data collected about dogs could be grouped by breed of dog, age, long hair/short hair, or size.

What is created when a number of people are grouped for health insurance purposes?

A risk pool is created when people are grouped together for insurance purposes. The cost of health care coverage is determined by health status, age, sex and occupation.

How were slaves group?

Slaves were grouped depending on their sex and age.

Why do older people not participate in sports?

Many do and others don't. Some people just don't like sports. Age has very little to do with it.

How is Peru's region grouped?

It is grouped in many ways that some people might not can explain it in so that's how Peru's region is grouped.

Which age is most active in sports?

83 year old people football

Why get people excited for sports?

in sports different types of minds grouped together with forgetting their set life. collection released some more energy then their normal also feel that when you are being with your friends you get some enthusiastic.

Can people be grouped by colour of eyes?


How were eastern woodland peoples grouped as Iroquois or algonquian?

how were the eastern woodland people grouped as iroquois or algonquian

Sports during the gilded age in the 1880s?

what kind of sports where around in the gilded age

What are the example of group stunts?

these are people Grouped and will do a stunt.

What Age Do People Start To Learn How To Take On Multiple Roles Through Team Sports And Organized Play?

Around age 5

What sport can be played by young and old?

Any and all sports can be played by people of any age.

What age can you legally bet on sports?

At the age of 18

Should there should be an age limit for pro sports?

There should not be an age limit to play pro sports.

What does rac stand for?

it was where people grouped around talking about cars.

How were Iroquoian and Algonquian people grouped?

by tbhern vreohvy brial3gb.v

How do you determine my target market?

To determine your target market, you must consider your product and then decide who it is that will be using it. Your target market is all of the people likely to use your product and are typically grouped by gender and age, and may also be grouped by level of education, income, or other factors.

Can a grouped of data be grouped?

Not sure what a "grouped of data" means!

What is the retirement age of a sports player?

mostly at the age of 35+