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You probably mean 'ten pins', or 'Bowling'.

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Q: Which sport would you be playing if you just made a strike ten?
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Is it do sport or watch sport?

It can be both. If you are playing a sport for a team. Then you are doing a sport. If you just sitting on your sofa, you are watching a sport.

Does playing a sport keep us from being fat?

yes they do you can lose plenty of weight just by playing one sport

What is the fast ball sport?

The fast ball sport is baseball, a fast ball is basically when a pitcher just throws the ball staight at the strike zone.

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All the beatniks I've ever seen playing bongos were using just their fingertips to strike it.

Is just playing one sport all right if you stay active?

Yes, you can just play one sport and stay active.

What is the difference between sport and leisure?

Leisure is just playing for fun, even if it is a sport. But a sport is something you want to be good or best at.

Should a child or an adolescent get a throphy just for playing a sport?

That usually depends on how successful the child or adolescent is at playing that sport, and how much effort they put into it.

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Why would someone be influenced to play football?

Maybe if a friend/brother is playing, you see someone on TV or maybe just really enjoy the sport.

If I am playing a sport that I just don't have the heart for anymore should I quit or keep playing?

I think u should continue playing the sport find out what made you not have the heart for the sport or if you don't like it anymore try another sport or club that benefits you the best. i was in the same situation as you before hope this helps.

What are the advantages of fingerstyle guitar playing?

The advantages of finger style guitar playing would that the player can strike 4 or 5 points versus just one with a pick. Also, finger style guitar playing allows for playing some chords which are not possible with a pick.

What would you change about the sport?

just a suggestion....might help if you identified the sport