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In football, you can place kick, punt, pass, and pitch, even fumble.

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Q: Which sport with a ball has four examples of projectile motion?
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Examples from a sport that uses a ball in which an object is in projectile motion?

In soccer, the soccer ball has projectile motion when it is kicked, head-butted, when the speed changes, and when the velocity changes.

What sport that uses a ball when a object is in projectile motion?


What about a sport that uses a ball identify four examples from that sport in which an object is in projectile motion?

4 possible answers are: baseball/softball tennis football soccer

What are examples of both projectile motion and two dimensional motion?

A soccer ball headed from one player to another. and A football thrown upward at an angle.

Which are examples of projectile motion ?

A javelin flying trough the air.A tennis ball lobbed over the net.

Give atleast 3 examples which projectile motion is occur?

throwing ball horizontally,bullet from a gun,ball shot back and forth in a tennis court

Why a ball of high trajectory is easy to catch?

yes it is easy to catch a ball of high trajectory because the ball moves in projectile motion. projectile motion is the act of projecting an object into the air at an angle.

What is an illistration of a ball being thrown be called?

projectile motion

Why a ball of high trajectory is easy to catch in cricket?

yes, it is easy to catch a ball of high trajectory because the ball moves in projectile motion. Projectile motion is the act of projecting an object into the air at an angle.

What is projectile motion compare free fall to projetile motion?

Projectile motion is the motion of an object that is going up from the surface of earth in an angle. Safe to say it falls under motion in a plane. Imagine you throw a ball at an angle of say 45deg. So the ball will rise up to that level where all of its kinetic energy has been converted into potential energy. This is made possible because of gravity. Now this ball falls down in the same way it rose up. It will make a symmetrical parabolic path till the point where the energy of the ball is same as it had when it was thrown. Free fall is not a projectile motion. Assuming no air friction a ball left from the top of a tower follows a uniform path in 1 dimension. But if the ball was thrown at an angle then it would classified as a projectile motion.

The importance of the concept of projectile motion to different sports?

Projectile motion is how a body moves through space and how it is affected by gravity and outside forces. This is important in sports such as football (throwing the ball), soccer (kicking the ball accurately), and archery (shooting the arrow accurately).

A cannon ball launched out of a cannon at an angle into the air is an example of?

projectile motion.two-dimensional motion.

What are four different instances in which an object is in projectile motion during a sport involving a ball?

-- a batted baseball while it's in flight -- a golf ball hit off the tee -- a kicked-off football -- a served tennis ball

Which of the following are examples of projectile motion?

B. A baseball hit for a home run D. A basketball being shot toward the basket WHEN A PITCHER PITCHS THE BALL AND WHEN A PLAYER JUMPS UP TO CATCH A BALL.

Describe the motion of a ball in a typical sport?

Since a ball is a sphere the motion it makes is rolling. The rolling happens on the ground and in the air.

Is it true or false that a cannon ball rolling down a slope is considered a projectile?

Since I have read that the path of a projectile is always a parabola, I must say no. The parabolic shape of a projectile's path results from the combination of the force and direction with which it is launched and its weight.A ball rolling down a slope, is not Projectile Motion. While a cannon ball can be used to be a projectile, as far as Physics goes, that is not how it is operating at the moment (rolling down a slope).

What Are mechanical engineering projects?

Mechanical engineering looks at objects in motion. Some examples are projectile launches such as a canon ball's trajectory, springs or levers and equilibrium systems. Examples of projects would be the building of a robot or creating a solar powered system.

How does science have to do with baseball?

projectile motion (vertical and horizontal motion) when the pitcher throws the ball and when the batter hits friction when people slip. and air resistance, and force of the ball, and action-reaction forces

What is the difference between a projectile and an object performing circular motion?

A projectile is something that has been sent flying through the air such as a cannon ball.A turning bicycle wheel is an an object undergoing circular motion.

What are examples for motion?

A ball rolling down a hill.

Examples of oscillating motion?

A wrecking ball or pendulum

What are some examples of forces and motion?

Kicking a ball

What are motion examples?

A ball rolling down a hill.

What are examples of translational motion?

The motion of a ball thrown from a height, movement of a football & the movement of a hand while writtingare all examples of translatory motion.

How can you apply projectile motion in your real life?

Baseball, football, American foot ball, Hunting, Automobile crashes, Cricket, and on and on.

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