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speed skating

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Q: Which sport related to skating originated in the Netherlands?
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Who was the first person to speed skate?

Speed skating originated in the Netherlands and Scandinavia over 1000 years ago. The Dutch were the first to develop the sport in the modern era.

What is the national sport of Holland?

Soccer is a very popular sport in the Netherlands but they are also good in gymnastics, swimming, skating, horseriding etc.

Did the Dutch enjoyed bowling ice skating and sledding?

Yes, because bowling was their favorite sport; and ice skating and sledding where activities from their homeland, the Netherlands.

Durand cup is related to which sport?

Durand Cup is related to FOOOTBALL.It was originated in India

What winter sport are axels performed in?

Figure Skating is the most popular winter sport to have axels.

How have composites aided competitors in the Olympic sport of speed skating?

how composites have aided in the Olympic sport of speed skating

Is figure skating a real sport?

Figure Skating is classed as a sport and is recognised by the International Olympics Committee as being one!!

Which sport is better speed skating or hockey?

hands down hockey woukld win. speed skating is a girly sport

Is skating a Olympic sport?


When was individual speed skating added to the winter Olympics?

The sport of speed skating was first an official sport during the Olympics in 1924.

What kind of sport is ice skating?

A winter sport

What winter sport are axles performed in?

In figure skating!