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Q: Which sport is related to obaidullah khan gold cup?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Don Kno - 2010?

The cast of Don Kno - 2010 includes: Mazin Kanuga as The Manager Obaidullah Khan as The Detective Arsa Syed as Forensics Expert

Which sport do you associate imran khan?


Aga Khan Cup is to Which Sport?


How is Kublai Khan related to Genghis Khan?

Kublai Khan was Genghis Khan's grandson.

Who was the cousin of Jahangir Khan in the sport of squash who died of a heart attack?

Torsam Khan, Jahangir Khan's brother (not cousin) died of a heart attack in 1979. Jahangir was 15 at the time and considered quitting the sport, but decided to pursue a career in the sport as a tribute to his brother.

How is aamir Khan related to sharukh Khan?

Aamir Khan is related to Shahrukh Khan as both are actors. They both are very good friends too. Both of them are Khan's of Bollywood.

Which sport is the Aga Khan Cup associated with?


What sport does janghir khan play?

he is a squash player

How are Zayed Khan and Suzanne Khan related?

they are husband and wife

How is Aamir Khan related to Nasir Hussain?

Nasir Hussain Khan is the uncle of Aamir Khan.

Is Aamir Khan and salman Khan related?

aamir and salman are not related. They just have their surname in common. Other than that they are not related in any manner.

How was Kublai Khan related to Genghis Khan?

Khublai Khan was the grandchild of Genghis khan, the son of his son ogedai.