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Billiard's or Pool

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Q: Which sport is played on a table with coloured balls and a stick called a cue?
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What sport is played with several balls in France?


What is the sport called when you run away from the balls?


Which sport can be played with only left hand?


Which sport it can be played in tris?

suck my balls! it's rugby!

What is it called in french when no balls are in sports sush as swimming?

this is just called 'sport', or by its particular name (athletism, etc..). When a sport involves a ball, it can be called 'un sport de ballon' or 'un sport collectif'

What sport beginner may use 'God Bless You' to help remember positions?

snooker, because this is the order in which the coloured balls are layed out on the table (Green Blue Yellow)

What sport has balls and clubs?

The sport of golf uses balls and clubs.

What is the sport they played in Disney's Decsendants?

The sport is called Tourney but it is fictional

What is football the sport as played in America called in Italy?

The sport that Americans call "Football" as played by the NFL is called "Football Americano" in Italy. The sport that Americans call "Soccer" as sanctioned by FIFA is called "Calcio" in Italy.

Most played sport during world war2?

Soccer was often played by troops, as it required no exupiement, and makeshift balls could be used.

What sports are played with balls?

basically every single sport. but likee really ? whyy ask thatt. weirdo !

What is difference between squash and billiards?

The main differences are that squash is a racket sport and played on a court. Billiards is a cue sport and played on a table. There is only one soft ball in squash and three hard balls in billiards.

What is the name ofthe sport played on broomsticks by Harry Potter and his friends?

That sport is called quidditch.

What sport uses a stick with a net to catch balls?

The sport of lacrosse.

What is the name of the sport played in the Harry Potter books and movies where Harry is a seeker?

The sport is called Quidditch.

What sport's balls does William Shakespeare refer to in Henry V?

Tennis Balls

In which sport do red and yellow balls oppose blue and black balls?


What effects does ecstasy have in sport?

it makes you trip balls when you play a sport on extacy

What sport has the term 'full count' used in it?

In baseball when a batter has three balls and two strikes against him/her it is called a full count.

Why do dogs like tennis balls?

Dogs like sport balls no matter what type.

What is the girls version of Hurly?

Camogie is the name of the sport played by women that is the equivalent of the sport played by men that is called Hurling. Sometimes Hurling is informally referred to as Hurley.

What is the natinoal sport of Argentina?

The national sport of Argentina is called Pato and it is a game played on horseback that has elements of basketball and polo.

How is the sport luge played?

The sport is played with two teams consiting of 15 players each. They hit a ball called a testie with long stinks called 'peinses'.The aim of the game is to hit the testie into holes called vagina's. The team with the most points called orgasms win.

What is the second sport played in Ireland?

The second sport is called Hurling. It is a game consisting of a wooden stick and a small ball called a sliotar. They consist of teams of 15.

What sport uses 12 balls?