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Both of them are. Since I play both soccer and do gymnastics, they are both healthy and athletic things. The only thing is I do gymnastics more professionally than soccer, but both athletic sports in different ways.

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โˆ™ 2012-10-06 23:28:59
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Q: Which sport is more athletic soccer or gymnastics?
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Which sport is more popular soccer or gymnastics?

Is this a serious question? Soccer is the most popular sport in the world

What sport has twoof the same letters in it?

Soccer,football,gymnastics,cheerleading and much more

What sports do boys and girls play?

gymnastics, baseball, soccer, bowling, tennis, softball, football,basketball theres more but i forgot yes gymnastics is a boys sport i do gymnastics.

Is soccer aerobic?

more than gymnastics

Is gymnastics better then every sport?

Yes gymnastics is the best sport and more gutsy if gymnastics was easy it would be called football hehe:)

Which sport is more popular gymnastics or cheerleading?

gymnastics are an Olympic sport.cheer leading isn´t so gymnastics are more popular

Which sport is more popular football or soccer?


Which sport requires more muscle and strength volleyball or gymnastics and why?

gymnastics cuz i said so!!

What is more athletic football or soccer?

Soccer, because their is alot more running and the game doesnt stop.

What sport is more active?


Which sport is more athletic baseball or track?


What sport has more running softball or soccer?

Soccer for sure !

Is gymnastics the hardest sport?

Gymnastics is the hardest sport to master so if you ever try doing gymnastics make sure that you are prepared. But there is all kind of gymnastics i do regular gymnastics and there are all kind of different levels i am in level 6 and it is hard. A lot of people can not do gymnastics any more if they have got hurt and it ruins there whole career of gymnastics. Also people have died of gymnastics. That is why gymnastics is the hardest sport.

What sport is more popular soccer or ice hockey or football?


Which Sport Make You Sweat More?


Witch sport is more athletic football or hockey?


How and when did Gymnastics start?

Gymnastics started as a sport for ancient greek soldiers to make them better, more agile fighters.

What is more dangerous gymnastics or rugby?

There are significantly more injuries in rugby than gymnastics. Rugby is a contact sport while gymnastics is an art form that requires a lot of strength

Which Sport Is More Popular Soccer Or Football?

of course soccer. Le DUUHHHH!!!

Which sport has more concussions football or soccer?

They're both the same sport..

What is a great sport?

the greats sport is soccer. it helps you get exerice and many more.

Which sport has best athletes?

Well a lot of people say that golf has the best athletes but it's actually basketball. Who says that golfer are more athletic? Definitely Basketball or soccer

Which sport has more fans soccer or baseball?


Which sport had more teamwork soccer or Volleyball?


Is gymnastics the best sport for you?

Gymnastics is a good sport for you because you cant just be phisically fit you also have to be mentally fit.It also helps you be more flexibal so yes.