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Q: Which sport gets the most viewers NASCAR or football?
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What gets the most viewers NASCAR or football?

If you count television, fans in the stands, and those in the infield: NASCAR HANDS DOWN!!

Which sport gets paid more cricket or football?


Which NCAA sport gets the best grades?


What sport gets the most injured players?

I personally think football

What sport gets to be on television the most?

Most likely the sport with the most games per year. Golf, football, but mostly likely Soccer(Or football depending on where you're from)

What sport get paid most?

basketball is a good sport my favorite one but soccer gets paid most. then baseballl then football.

How to convince your parents airsoft is safe?

Airsoft is a sport just as any other sport baseball, football, soccer it gets you out of the house and keeps you active.

Who gets the points and who gets the win when a driver is substituted for and wins in a Nascar race?

The Nascar driver who started the race, gets the points and the credit for the win. It doesn't matter who finished the race for them.

What place does a NASCAR driver have to finish to get paid?

A Nascar driver gets paid no matter what position he or she finishes in. Even the last place driver gets a check.

What sport gets the ryder cup?

golf sport gets the ryder cup

Who gets the most viewers out of Nickoledeon and Disney Channel?

disney Channel gets more viewers. Because it is not only watched by kids ages 7-14. It is a family friendly enviorement.

What is the salary of a CSI Miami writer?

It would depend on how popular the show is, the more viewers the station gets, the better deal the writer gets.

How many viewers does the TNT Network get?

TNT gets about 5 million viewers per night because of their programming that is geared to the everyman, shows such as gatorboys and cajun pawnstore are popular.

Who gets the Nascar sponsor the driver or the car's owner?

the owner but the driver is who endorses that company

What sport gets paid the most?


Which sport gets paid the most?


What sport gets the most money?


What sport gets paid the least?


Which sport gets you fittest?

I think its swimming

What sport gets you the best condition?


Who gets paid more baseball players or football players?


What is a NASCAR drivers monthly salary?

It depends on they're team and sponsors. They are contracted.

Why do the American idol show gets a lot of interest from viewers?

because America loves singing, and entertainment

Is there going to be a nascar2010?

Ea contract has ended with making NASCAR games. I hope they sign another contract with NASCAR. If not Ea someone else because NASCAR is the best video game. Whoever gets it I hope it is not really fake.

Which sport athlete gets paid the most?