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NASCAR generates more money annually as a whole sport than American professional football (NFL).

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Q: Which sport generates more money football or Nascar?
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Which sport generates the most money in the world?

football does because of the money earnt football does because of the money earnt

Which sport generates more money Football or Soccer?

It Depends where you are. In America it is Football. But worldwide, Surprisingly, it would be soccer.

Which sport gets the most viewers NASCAR or football?


Is Nascar the most popular sport in the US?

Is nascar more popular than football? no i say.

Is NASCAR or football number one in US?

Well football is the number one sport of all time and Nascar is kind of lower than football. So it would be football.

Is NASCAR the biggest sport in America?

In what terms do you want to look at it Money? fans? player? ... Football is Americas biggest sport it has over taken Baseball

Which sport generates the maximum amount of money?

Football Of course!! More than 180 nations plays this game...

The world richest sport?

Football (Soccer to Americans)With it being the most popular and most played sport in the world it generates far more money than any other sport.

Where does NASCAR rank in popularity?

As of September 2014, NASCAR was ranked as the fourth most popular sport in the United States. Professional football is the most popular sport.

What is five team sport?

football, basketball, soccer, baseball , nascar

What is the most popular sport out of Football and F1?

The NFL is the most popular sport followed closely by NASCAR.

What is the difference in NASCAR to football?

NASCAR stands for National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing. Football is a contact sport played a field. Doesn't that say it all?

What sport makes the most money basketball or football?


What sport has the most money?


Why is NASCAR not considered a sport?

According to ESPN, FOX and NBC, NASCAR is a sport.

Will NASCAR fans watch football?

NASCAR fans will watch football. Though races may interfere with football because of the time of the race and game, fans can watch both sports. It's possible to like more than one sport.

Which sport do players make the most money?

football probably

What sport do you earn most money for?


Which North American pro sport league currently generates the highest annual revenue?

National Football League

Is nascar the most popular sport in US?

Actually american football is the most popular currently in the united states.

Which professional sport pays the most money?


What is the most profitable NCAA sport?

Football this sport brings more money to its schools

What sport makes the most money in a year?

FOOTBALL is the most popular sport so i think it makes the most money

Where does auto racing rank as a spectator sport?

Nationally, NASCAR is the fastest growing professional sport, rivaling professional football. Internationally, Formula 1 racing ranks second to what the rest of the world calls football (soccer).

What are good sport titles?

football, boxing, nascar, golf, soccer, hockey, rugby, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, tennis.

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