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It Depends where you are. In America it is Football. But worldwide, Surprisingly, it would be soccer.

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Q: Which sport generates more money Football or Soccer?
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Which sport generates more money football or Nascar?

NASCAR generates more money annually as a whole sport than American professional football (NFL).

Which sport generates the most money in the world?

football does because of the money earnt football does because of the money earnt

The world richest sport?

Football (Soccer to Americans)With it being the most popular and most played sport in the world it generates far more money than any other sport.

What sport is funner football or soccer?


What is a soccer sport?

It is football IN

Which sport generates the maximum amount of money?

Football Of course!! More than 180 nations plays this game...

National sport of nigeria?

the national sport of nigiria is soccer or what they call football the national sport of nigiria is soccer or what they call football

Which sport is more popular football or soccer?


What sport was invented first soccer or football?


Is soccer a real sport?

Yes, Soccer is a real sport why wouldn't it be, that is like saying that Football is not a real sport. Soccer has always been and always will be a sport. Soccer and Football are similar sports where there are lots of running after a ball involved. They are both listed as a Sport. Yes association football, or soccer, is a sport. it is the most popular sport in the world!

What is Sudan's sport?


What is intensity in sport?

Football or Soccer

What is Switzerland sport?

soccer Football

What is the popular sport in Myanmar?

The most popular sport in Myanmar is "football (soccer)".

What is Germany's favorite sport?

Football (soccer).Soccer is Germany's favorite sport or pastime.

Which sport has the better foot work soccer or football?


What is the national sport in Jordan?

football is the national sport. Football is another popular sport their. By football I think it is meaning soccer.

Are football and soccer the same sport?

Yes and no In England and other other countries they call Soccer Football. In the US and lots other coutries Soccer IS just Soccer and Football is the NFL type of sport

What is the favorite sport in Ecuador?

Their favorite sport is football. (soccer)

What is kyuhyun favorite sport?

his fave sport is football (soccer)

Which sport is the most popular as a spectator sport?

Football (soccer)

What major professional sport generates revenue in Ireland?


What sport do soccer players play?

They play soccer. Outside of the United States, the sport of soccer is known as football.

Which is the most popular sport basketball soccer or football?

soccer because it is the most played sport in the world

What sport is gridiron in American?

American football. Not soccer(football)