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Basketball obviously

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Q: Which sport do you run more in basketball or baseball?
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Why do baseball players get paid more basketball players?

Because they have to run more.

Which sport do you run more soccer or basketball?

You run more in soccer. This is because, you run constantly throughout the whole game. During Basketball you have a chance to take a break and you run a much shorter distance. In Soccer, if you are taken out you can not go back in, but in basketball if your taken out you can go back in.

What makes baseball different from basketball?

offense: basketball, you shoot through the hoop to score. baseball, you have to hit the ball then run all the way around the bases to score. (basketball gets higher scores, and the points are spread around more, and its much funner.) defense:basketball, its more physical, where you can actually try to stop them from scoring by blocking their shots and stealing the ball. baseball, you can stand at a certain position and do something with the ball if it comes to you. (basketball is a much more physical and quicker paced game- more involvement from every player) all together: basketball is mostly a physical sport, and baseball is not.

In what sport can you make a home run?


Pros and cons of playing basketball?

There are generally no cons to playing basketball. Unless you are not physically fit and don't like contact or to run, basketball is a fun sport. Most kids tend to point to basketball as their first sport.

First sport using home run?


What is a sport which uses synovial joint?

alot of sports use this joint because it is needed to run, jump, etc Basketball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, and much more. Hope this helps

What sport used home run before baseball?


What sport used home run before basebal?


Who run more football or basketball players?


What is least likely to be advertised in a professional sports league?

The least sport that would be watch is cricket because you just have to run back and fort the best sport is baseball its more better then the other sport.

What sport other than baseball uses a home run?


What sport used term home run before baseball?


Which sport basketball or soccer does the most running in full game?

well it could be either soccer they do get breaks and same with basketball but the shooting time and the passing time takes away running time in basketball so I think you run more in soccer Soccer which rules

Why is football more popular than soccer and basketball?

Football is more popular than soccer and basketball, because you can do anything: catch, hit, kick, push, run, throw, and more.(Football isn't more popular than soccer. Soccer is the most popular team sport in the world :D)

What was one rule of the sport basketball?

One rule of basketballis that you can't run with the ball in your handds without dribbling.

What are some good things about basketball?

You constantly run and it causes you to think about strategory. Non stop action sport you have to do more than one thing at a time very technical.

What sport has the least injuries?

baseball is the sport with the least injuries because all you do is run around bases. The most common injury in baseball is a hamstring

What sport used term home run long before baseball?


What sport other than baseball uses the word home run?


What sport used term home run' long before baseball?


Do you have to run a lot in basketball if so are there any positions that you dont have to run as much and do you have to run more in basketball or volleyball?

Yes there is a lot of running in basketball (full court or half court). Either way you will be doing lots and lots of running and jumping, although the intensity is dependent on the pace of the game. You have to run much more in basketball than volleyball.

How does friction affect basketball?

Friction affects Basketball in many ways. For starters, a player wouldn't be able to stop or run because of the lack relative motion on the surface of an object. Friction is necessary for the sport of basketball.

What baseball is all about?

Baseball is about America, a historical game, a great sport for people to enjoy, and emotions that can run high,

What sport other than MLB uses a home run?

Some people might say cricket but they are wrong baseball is the only sport to use the term "home run"