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Football (Soccer) is the most popular and widely played sport worldwide. It is also the most commercialised giving it a multi-billion dollar lead over any other sport in the world.

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Q: Which sport do more people play worldwide Football or Basketball?
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Is football or basketball most played sport?

football it is worldwide

What is prodigy's favorite sport?

Basketball not football people whats wrong with you people

What sport do Florida people play?

Football, followed by basketball and baseball

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What sport does Americans pick football or basketball?


Do people consider hockey a sport?

if anyone doesn't consider hockey a sport, they shouldn't consider basketball or football or baseball a sport

What is corde broadus' favorite sport?

his favourite sport is football and his second favourite is basketball!:P his favourite sport is football and his second favourite is basketball!:P

What is a mainsteam sport?

Sports that the majority of people play and/or watch. Examples: Soccer is played worldwide, Football is a mainstream sport in america.

What sport did martin luther king jr play?

football and basketball

What sport has the most contact football or basketball?

football because you have to tackle and all that and a lot more people get hurt so it is obvious that it is football.

What makes a game a sport?

A sport is techniocly something active and is worldwide so soccer, in England its football, everywhere else its soccer, football is football everywhere, swimming is sooo worldwide.

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