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the fat ones

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Q: Which sport's athletes are the most phyically fit?
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Which sport has the most physically fit athletes?

Nordic Skiing and Swimming. Both sports have athletes with the best BO2 max body tests.

Who is the most likely so complete skill-related fitness activities?

Moderately fit athletes

What do athletesdo to keep their body fit?

Well, They Are Athletes they exercise everyday, and eat healthy food, especially fruits and vegetables. they just do sports and drink plenty of water to keep their body fit.

What percent of athletes stay fit in offseason?

Probably all of them! It is very important to stay fit all the time for pro athletes.

What is an athletes physic?

Their body relative to how fit they are

What is the normal pulse range in fit athletes?

i dont no

Is sport the new religion?

For most people no. Most people view sports as pure entertainment and a way to be physically fit. Sports are not a "new" or "old" religion to them

What inspires athletes to do their best?

Usually athletes may have a role-model which makes them do there best. The role model may be a celebrity athlete or just a parent. I think most athletes generally love sport. A relative of mine is a professinal athlete she loves all sports and shes quite young. If you want to be a good athlete, you don't need an inspiration. Just try and get fit and do whatever sport your best at and you will succeed.

Is snowboarding an anerobic sport?

Yes it is. Because of the extremity of this sports, most snowboarders are fit and strong. Anaerobic sports requires great endurance and strength.

How do you use fit in a sentence?

ex: i will get in fit for sports this year

Can a sports bag be a carry on luggage?

It depends on the size. If it will fit in the overhead compartment them most likely yes

What are the advantages of playing sports?

You get fit

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