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Deepak Patel for Newzealand

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Q: Which spinner start bowling for his coutry in 1992 World Cup Cricket?
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Who is the spinner In1992 cricket world cup bowling against his country?

mushtaq ahmed

2011 cricket world cup in which coutry?

India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Who was left arm leg spinner?

In Australian Cricket Brad Hogg and In World Cup Too. In English Cricket Bradley Walshd .

Who was the best spin bowlar in 1992 world cup cricket?

Mushtaq ahmed of pakistan was the spinner in 1992

How did Pakistan won cricket world cup?

with good performance in bowling sector

Who has the best bowling figures in world cup cricket 7-15?

ashish nehra

Who is the present coach of the Pakistani cricket team?

The current coach of the Pakistan cricket team is Dav Whatmore. The bowling coach is Wasim Akram.

Are there any cheats in world cricket championship?

when bowling, drop the ball a few inches (estimate) before the crease to get an easy out!

What is Shoaib Akhtar most famous for?

Shoaib Akhtar is an athlete most famous for his cricket play. In the cricket world, he is known for his speed in his bowling. In many cricket competitions, Shoaib Akhtar's fame was earned with his speed and power.

Who was the captain of the Bangladesh Cricket team in the 2007 Cricket World Cup?

Aminul isllam was the captain of the bangladeshi team in the ICC cricket world cup tournament the team did persist to the group stages only and after knocked out of the tournament, the captain was a batsman and a part time off spinner and the team was first time qualified for world cup

Who is the world's best off spinner?

harbhajan singh is the best off spinner in the world

What is largest coutry in the world?