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2010 World Cup is in the Republic of South Africa. ;)

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Q: Which soccer world championship takes place in 2010?
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When did World Championship Soccer happen?

World Championship Soccer happened in 1989.

What nation won the first Soccer world Championship... Where and when was it held?

Uruguay won the first soccer world championship. it was held in Uruguay from july13 to July 30.

What is the only country to have won the world cup soccer championship four times?

Italy is the only country that has won the world cup soccer championship four times. However, Brazil has won the tournament five times, with Germany in third place with three titles.

How many times did the German soccer team attended in the soccer world championship including 2010?

17 times

When was World Championship Soccer created?

English Premier Ice Hockey League was created in 1997.

Which soccer player passes the most world championship matches?

Diego maradona

What has the author Derek O'Kelly written?

Derek O'Kelly has written: 'What's the story?' -- subject(s): World Cup (Football championship) (1990 : Italy), Sports spectators, World Cup (Soccer), World Cup (Football championship), Soccer, History

What was the team that was first to win the world club championship?

World Cup of what sport? Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, ...

Which of all sports in the world is the most popular?

The Olympic Games or the soccer World Cup depending what you mean by championship.

Why there's no soccer championship on 1938-1950?

World War II prevented them from happening

Where in the world is the best place to play soccer?

Barcelona is the best place to play soccer.

What has the author Bernard Joy written?

Bernard Joy has written: 'World Cup Football Championship, 1966' -- subject(s): World Cup (Football championship), World Cup (Football championship) (1966 : England) 'Soccer tactics'