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In my opinion...(since I'm a soccer player)

1) Barcelona

2) Real Madrid

3) Manchester (City or United)

4) Chelsea

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Q: Which soccer team is the best from Barcelona Manchester Real Madrid and Chelsea?
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The names of three famous soccer teams?

Manchester United, Barcelona, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Chelsea.

The top 10 best soccer teams?

Real Madrid, Barcelona, Internazionale, Milan, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Olympique Lyon

Three famous soccer teams?

Barcelona, Manchester United, Real Madrid.

Soccer what is the riches soccer club in the world?

The wealthiest soccer team in the world in 2019 was Real Madrid

What are the three most famous soccer team in the Europe?

The top three soccer teams are Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United. My favorites are Real Madrid and Manchester United.

Which non international soccer team is the best in the world?

It really depends on the league. Here are a few team that I THINK are good. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Colorado Rapids.....etc.

Three famous soccer teams in Europe?

Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Juventus, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona etc etc.

Who are the ten best soccer players in the world?

1. Messi/Barcelona 2.C.Ronaldo/Real Madrid 3.Rooney/Manchester United 4.Villa/Barcelona 5.Drogba/Chelsea 6.Torres/Liverpool (soon to be Chelsea) :D 7.xavi hernandez 8.Lampard/Chelsea 9.Cesc Fàbregas/arsenal (Soon to be Barcelona.) 10.Gonzalo Higuaín/Real Madrid :D :)

What are the three famous soccer teams?

Manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid. There are hundreds more.

What are your top 5 favorite soccer teams and why?

Real Madrid,Man.U,Barcelona,chelsea and bayern munich

Top ten soccer clubs?

1. Barcelona FC 2. Manchester United 3. Juventus 4. A.C. Milan 5. Inter Milan 6. Real Madrid 7. Liverpool 8. Chelsea 9. Bayern Munich 10. Arsenal

Which soccer club has the most fans in the world?

It is a close between Real Madrid Barcelona and Manchester United.