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Q: Which soccer team has biggest fan base Liverpool or Celtic?
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Who has the biggest fan base in Liverpool Liverpool or everton?

Liverpool has the biggest fan base

Who has the biggest fan base rangers or Celtic?

CELTIC by far

Which soccer team has a larger fan base Rangers or Liverpool?


Who has a bigger fan base Celtic or Liverpool worldwide?

Celtic by Far! They have a huge fan base for a small club worldwide. Liverpool have more in the UK but definitely not in world wide. Liverpool are more or less unknown outside of Europe where as Celtic have huge fan clubs placed in China, Australia, New Zealand, America, Mexico and Canada. So the answer is Celtic.

Which soccer team has the largest fan base in England?


Who has the biggest fan base Liverpool fc or manu?


Who has the biggest fan base Manchester united and Celtic?

Manchester United have the bigger fan base.

Who has the biggest global fanbase Chelsea or Celtic?

Chelsea ---------------------- Not a chance. Celtic has more supporter clubs than any football club on the planet. The strength of Celtic's support is due to the Scottish and Irish diaspora all over the world. The only team's that come close to Celtic's worldwide fan base is Manchester United and Liverpool.

Which football club has the biggest fan base in the UK?

Liverpool Football Club

Who has the biggest soccer fan base in the world?

Manchester United

Which club has a bigger fan base between Celtic and Liverpool?

Celtic they have 9 million worldwide Liverpool only hav 6 million HAHA, Liverpool has a far bigger fanbase than Celtic. Talksport had a survey which said that there are 71 million Liverpool fans around the world. Celtic weren't in the top 13 so have less than Newcastle in 13th place who have 9 million However this isn't completely accurate as they took a sample from 34 countries.

Which soccer team has the biggest fan base fenerbahce or besiktas?

Sure Besiktas - carsi

How big is Liverpool fc fan base?

Certainly bigger than the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Rangers, Tottenham and Celtic. Not sure of the exact figure

What football team in Scotland has the biggest fan base?

Glasgow Celtic having the largest stadium capacity have a weekly crowd of 60,000 . Next is Glasgow Rangers at 50,000. Glasgow Rangers have the largest fanbase in Scotland and the fourth largest in UK at 1.5M (Man Utd = 4.3M, Liverpool = 3.2M, Arsenal = 2.3M, Rangers 1.5M, Chelsea 1.45M, Celtic = 1.4m).

What tickets can be purchased at Anfield Stadium?

At Anfield stadium one can buy tickets for football matches. Anfield is the home base for Liverpool F.C., a world famous soccer club. Liverpool was founded in 1982 at Anfield statium.

What is the highest selling soccer jersey of all time?

Has to be a Barcelona Jersey biggest club in the world largest fan base makes sense. Improved Answer: No, It would be Real Madrid or Manchester United which are the two biggest soccer clubs.

Which sport has the largest fan base?

The Answer to sport worldwide is Soccer, but the biggest fan based team in America is The Dallas Cowboys

Are Celtic the biggest club in the world?

They have the potential. If they were in the premiership they would have an 85,000 stadia and 81,000 season ticket holders which dwarfs any English team. Biggest fan base in the world also but cant become biggest team in the world due to playing in Scotland.

What are the top 10 soccer clubs in the UK with the largest fan base?

Arsenal, Leeds, Manchester United, Chelsea, West Ham, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton, Portsmouth and Newcastle UTD.

What is the biggest mountain from the base?

The biggest mountain is in Hawaii

What is the biggest Military base in the US?

Fort Hood, Texas, is the biggest military base in the world.

Which premier league club has the most fan base?

ManU have the biggest fanbase in terms of popularity, with Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool far behind, but when comes to the ACTUAL LOYAL fans, and not the many fake fans that support ManU and Chelsea, then Liverpool and Arsenal are not far behind ManU. Chelsea are 4th. ManU havethe backing of the Asians as well Liverpool and Arsenal have the backing of most africans Chelsea have most fans from a popular European base.

What is the biggest base in the world?

Are you looking as in Garrison or the whole base?

Who has the most fans Man utd or Celtic?

Manchester United have the bigger fan base.

What is the biggest secret base?

it is in lilicove city