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Some famous ones who wore jersey number 9 are Alan Shearer, Andy Cole, Fernando Torres, kaka, Karim Benzema, Ronaldo.
Fernando Torres wears the 9 for Liverpool and for Spain in the 2010 WC.
Wayne Rooney wears number 9.
Di Santo from Chelsea

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Q: Which soccer players wear the number 9?
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Which famous soccer players wear number 9?

ronaldo Torres benzema kaka

What soccer players have worn the number 9?

Fernando Torres - Liverpool No. 9

Which famous soccer players have worn the number 9?

Mia Hamm

What famous soccer players have worn number 9?

Fernando Torres

Famous soccer players who wore Number 9?

Brazil's Ronaldo

What NHL players wear number 9?

Zach Parise

What sports have 9 or fewer players?


Which soccer players have worn the number 9?

Number 9 is traditonally worn by the centre forward of a team. Past greats to wear the number 9 shirt include Alan Shearer, Bobby Charlton Ally McCoist , And Mia Hamm

What is the most common number in football?

9 as the best players wear it

What football players wear number 9?

Fernando Torrez is one of them

Which soccer players that have worn the number 9?

Alan Shearer,Ronaldo & Gabriel Batistuta....

Which NBA players wear number 9?

the person who wears number 9 in the nba would be Tony Parker...

Why did Michael Jordan wear number 9?

In the Olympics, players can only wear the numbers 4-15. He wore 9. Why he chose that number...ask him.

How many soccer player on American Soccer field?

The number of players on a soccer team is 11. Black10 says: The common number is 11, but you can play with 9-11, although it would be much more tiring. AHH yes. The minimum number of players on the field is 9. If you have less than 9 in a league game, the game will be confiscated.

What soccer players are number 9?

The number 9 jersey is worn by strikers, Rolando, Shearer, Torres, Andy Carroll , Andy Cole.

List of players to wear number 9 Liverpool jersey?

torres/ carrol

Is it harder to become a soccer player with shoe size 13 than with shoe size 9?

Not at all there are a huge number of soccer players and rugby players with size 13 feet.

How many players on a youth 9 - 11 soccer team?

11 players

Which famous soccer players have worn number 9?

finando Torres plays for Liverpool, originally form Spain

Famous soccer players that have worn the 9?

Cristiano Ronaldo

How many black Irish soccer players has there been?


How many players in world cup soccer team?


Who were the last 5 players to wear the number 9 shirt for Chelsea?

not a clue, except, flo,crespo??

What is 9 equals P on a S T?

9 Players on a Soccer Team (In Professional Soccer, teams have 11 Players. In recreational Soccer, a team can haveonly five, seven or nine players on the bench, and can make just three substitutions throughout the match.)

Who are the current baseball players who wear number 9?

I know only one person who wears no.9 for baseball It's JP Arencibia