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AC Milan of Italy and Boca Juniors of Argentina

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2012-04-27 01:46:57
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Q: Which soccer club in the world has won most international trophies?
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Soccer club with the most trophies?

Glasgow Rangers

Who is the best soccer club manager in the world?

If you count the trophies won during his stay it is Alex Ferguson.

What soccer club has won the most number of trophies?

Glasgow Rangers Football Club have won the most trophies than any other team in the world. They have won over 110 trophies including the European Cup Winners Cup in 1972.

What Is The Biggest Ever Soccer Win Anywhere In The World Club Or International?

66 on FIFA 11

What is the greatest soccer club in Italy?

A.C Milan is by far the greatest soccer club Italy has ever seen. A.C Milan is the world's most successful club, winning more trophies than any other club, including the UEFA Champions League on several occasions.

What cup is the international soccer competition?

The international competition amongst countries is called the FIFA World Cup The international competition amongst clubs is called the FIFA Club World Cup

How many trophies has ac Milan?

Ac Milan is the most succsessful Club in the earth. By Collecting 17 National and 18 International trophies, rossoneri comes to first rank of club.

Football club with highest amount of trophies?

The football team with the most trophies was Glasgow Rangers with 115 trophies, but now it is Al-Ahly from Egypt with 127 trophies, it is also officially the team in the third position (equally with Independiente) in the world ranking for official international club titles, with 16 championships, after Boca Juniors and Milan who both have 18 championships.

What is the best football soccer team in the world?

The best club is FC Barcelona, the best international team is currently Germany.

What is the worst soccer club in the world?


What is club soccer?

Club soccer is "soccer" between clubs, or as they may be known in North America, franchises. Club soccer generally takes the form of domestic leagues - for example the Premier League, Major League Soccer, the Hyundai A-League, et cetera. It differs from international "soccer" which is played between national sides - for example the World Cup, the European Championship, the CONCACAF Gold Cup, et cetera.

With soccer team is the best in the world?

The best team has to be BrazilThis might be so in international football, but in international club football, it has to be that Barcelona is the best; though the club was recently beaten by one of the English clubs - Arsenal or Tottenham Hotspurs.

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