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of Pakistan who hit Maclaren

of South Africa for a six measuring 158 m

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Q: Which six is ever longest six in ODI cricket by meter?
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How many matches in odi cricket?

3265 international ODI cricket matches have been played since the 1970s (the year of first ODI)

Who is on top one in ODI cricket Rankings?

Hashim Amla is on top one in ODI cricket rankings.

Who has scored the highest ever runs in ODI cricket?

sachin tendlkar 200 vs south Africa

When was the first ever One Day International cricket Match in white clothes held?

the first ODI to be played in white clothing was the first ODI ever staged between Australia and England in 1971

What is the length of longest six hit ever in ODI international?

165 m - gayle of wi

Is the world cup cricket odi or t20?

Yes,there is ICC world cup for t20 format.It is played every two years.

What was the uniform of India in the 1983 ODI Cricket World Cup?

In 1983 there was no separate dress code for ODI Cricket. It was white uniform as in Test Cricket.

Who was the captain of Kenyan Cricket Team in the 2011 ODI Cricket World Cup?

Jimmy Kamande was the captain of the Kenyan Cricket Team in the 2011 ODI Cricket World Cup.

When and where was the first ODI Cricket World Cup played?

The first ODI Cricket World Cup was played in 1975 in England.

How long would a odi game of cricket last?

A test match goes on for 5 full days. Each day consists of 90 overs and each over consists of 6 bowls. each team can get 2 innings to bat where all their 11 batsmen can have a go with their bats.