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Two schools have won NCAA national championships in football, Baseball, and men's Basketball:

Jacksonville State University (NCAA Division II)

Men's Basketball (1985)

Baseball (1990, 1991)

Football (1992)

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (NCAA Division III)

Men's Basketball (1984, 1989)

Baseball (2005)

Football (2007, 2009, 2010)

Note 1: The NCAA does not officially sanction a football national championship in FBS / Division I

Note 2: Jacksonville State now competes at FCS / Division I

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Q: Which schools have won NCAA championships in football basketball and baseball?
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What schools have won NCAA championships in football and basketball?


Which NCAA division 1 schools have won national championships in mens basketball and womens basketball and football?

Stanford and Maryland

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I don't know the complete list, but I do know that Michigan State was the first D-1 university to win two championships in both basketball and football. Florida is another one.

Have the same two schools played in both the football and basketball championships in the same year?

Yes As Of Monday April Second 2007

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Florida in 2006 is it. Michigan State University 1950 and 60's in football. '79 and '00 for basketball.

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Nick Saban

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Appalachian State University

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USC has won the most team national championships, and UCLA has won the most combined.Who are the next ten schools? this is not including football the NCAA dose not award national championships in football so its hard to say and you will pobabibly get a different answer depending on who you ask

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Which ncaa division 1a schools have a Heisman winner and have won national championships in both basketball and football?

university of Florida, Ohio state university, ucla, and Michigan. maybe some more. Syracuse

Which schools have won National Championships in both football and basketball?

Villanova is the only school to have won the NCAA Division I Football Championship (2009) and the NCAA Division I Basketball Championship (1985).Florida in 2006 is it. Michigan State University 1950 and 60's in football. '79 and '00 for basketball.MichiganMichigan StateOhio Statelet's not forget UCLA, Florida and Maryland.Don't forget the Razorbacks of Arkansas - football 1964 (unfairly split with Alabama), basketball 1994UCLA's football championship was shared with Ohio State in 1954, so that response a little iffy. One school you've left out; in fact, the only private university to win both football & men's basketball championships-> Syracuse (football- 1959;men's basketball- 2003)California also has won both and, if you accept shared football championships, Stanford too (another private university).

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ummmmmmm... all i know da the answer 2 is that pickles onced ruled the earth and they built a big dam near Pangaea. duhh easiest question eva! Maryland is one. Tennesee is not. They've never won a national championship in football and mens basketball. Stanford is another. I don't think there is a third.

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