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I think weber state wildcats has lost the most nataiol games

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Q: Which school has most lost national championships in college football?
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Who has won the most national championships in football?

Yale University is the school with the most national championships in football. The school with the most wins in NCAA Division I football is the University of Michigan.

Which school has the most team national championships in college?


How many national championships have notre dame won?

The University of Notre Dame has a storied football program. During its existence the school has won 11 national football championships.

Who has the most high school football national championships?

Massillon Washington High School in Massillon, Ohio.

What school has won the most division 1-AA football national championships?

GA Southern

Has the university of Oregon ever won a national championship?

No. The school has won 17 National championships combined, but 0 for football.

How many national championships has Louisiana State University had in college football?

LSU officially claims three national championships (1958, 2003 & 2007); however, the school has been recognized as national champions by polling organizations on four additional occasions: 1908, 1935, 1936 and 1962.

Who won college football and basketball championships same year?

One school was Florida (2007).

Is the University of Florida the only school to win the football and basketball national championships the same year against the same school?

Ohio State

Which ncaa division one school has won the most national championships in all college sports combined?


Can a college football team win a state championship or only high school?

Colleges can compete for conference championships not state

Which Arkansas high school has the most football state championships in history?

Little Rock Central Tigers, no one else even comes close. 32 state championships and 2 national championships in football. One of the most storied program in the country.

Who in national football league did not attend college?

You can't go to the NFL out of high school

What school is theleader in number of NCAA national championships?

UCLA - 100 Championships

How many national football championships for Alabama?

Anyone who is educated only recognizes 8 national championships; 61,64,65,73,78,79,92, 09 There are five others that the school likes to claim however they are bogus. IMPROVEMENT: If we use the AP system then Alabama is tied for 1st place in national championships with Notre Dame.

What NCAA school holds the most football championships?


What NCAA school has the most and most consecutive national championships in one one sport?

The most national championships in any one sport:31 NCAA national titles - Kenyon College - Men's Swimming and Diving.The most consecutive national championships in any one sport:31 consecutive national championships - 1980 thru 2010 - by Kenyon Collegein Men's Swimming and Diving

What school has won the most NCAA national football championships according to the BCS?

Florida and LSU have each won two BCS championships. No one else has won more than one.

What school in division I FBS college football has the oldest program without a national title?

Wake Forest

What school has the most College Football National Titles?

According to wikipedia. Princeton has the most titles with 28.

What High school in Oklahoma has the most state championships in football?


Which SEC school has the most national championships in all sports?

LSU Men and Women have a combined 64 national championships as of spring 2007. That is, by far, the most by an SEC school.

Which school has won the most national championships in college football?

School with most National Championships1-Princeton 282-Yale 263-Alabama 134-Michigan 115-Notre Dame 11Many years , most recently03 there are Mutable national champs named. In these years I would just chose the higher ranked team in the AP. I found these national champs on which gives much better info on this question than any other website. If you do not agree with these findings then look for yourself on NCAA.comUSC falls off of the list because they have had National Championships taken away from them because of violations at there school, and it is not widely know that the Ivy League schools dominated College Football from 1869 all the way to the 1930's.

Which division 1 school has national championships in baseball basketball and football?

Im pretty sure there are quite a few but off the top of my head The University of Texas

What percentage of high school football players get college football scholarships?

Only about about 2 percent of high school football players receive college scholarships "well about 20% of high school football players get college football scholarships." "martin alberts College Florida" is incorrect.