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The satellite companies that offer ESPN would be Dish Network and Direct TV. They both along with all cable providers offer the ESPN Network channel line up.

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Q: Which satellite TV providers carry ESPN sports?
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What companies carry ESPN Sports?

Most major cable and satellite companies carry ESPN Sports and many of its hybrid stations such as ESPNU. While ESPN Sports tends to be part of the standard package in the majority of listings, the hybrids tend to be part of extended packages.

Does ESPN have a 'classic' ESPN channel?

"Yes, ESPN has a classic channel that some cable and satellite providers offer with their packages. On ESPN Classic, sports programs that are determined significant events in sporting history are re-aired."

What does ESPN stand for in ESPN fantasy sports?

Entertainment and Sports Programming Network

What is the duration of ESPN Sports Saturday?

The duration of ESPN Sports Saturday is 2 hours.

What kind of fantasy sports does ESPN carry?

The ESPN site has fantasy sports in the three major U.S. sports. In other words, there is information and leagues for football, baseball, and basketball. Recently, the company added hockey as the fourth sport with playable fantasy leagues.

When was ESPN Sports Saturday created?

ESPN Sports Saturday was created on 2010-04-03.

When was ESPN Star Sports created?

ESPN Star Sports was created on 1994-01-01.

What is the acronym for ESPN?

ESPN stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.

Where can one watch ESPN Star Sports online?

ESPN Star Sports is great to subscribe to on television. Is is also available online through many online sites but the very best way to watch is directly on television from the ESPN Star Sports channel. Many sports bars and taverns play ESPN Star Sports as well.

What kind of programming does the television channel ESPN feature?

ESPN is a sports channel, so sports news, hockey, soccer, curling, Fighting sports and the like

Who sells more magazines ESPN the magazine or sports illustrated?

sports illustrated sells about 3,000,000 while ESPN sells about 2,000,000

What is a recommended television network for sports fanatics?

A Recommended Television Network for Sports Fanatics would be ESPN. ESPN is by far the most successful Sports Network on Television. There is even a book written about ESPN called, Those Guys Have All The Fun: Inside the World of ESPN.

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