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That was Ahmad Bradshaw of the Giants who gained 45 yards on 9 carries.

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Q: Which running back in the 2008 Super Bowl had the most rushing yards?
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What running back has the most rushing yards in 1998?

Terrell Davis of the Denver Broncos had the most rushing yards in 1998. He had 2008 yards and was the fourth running back in NFL history to rush for over 2000 yards.

Who are the Top ten running backs with the most rushing yards in a season?

1.Eric Dickerson 2105 rushing yards 1984 2.Jamal Lewis 2066 rushing yards 2003 3.Barry Sanders 2053 rushing yards 1997 4. Terrell Davis 2008 rushing yards 1998 5. OJ Simpson 2003 rushing yards (14 games) 1973

What 7 players have more than 25000 passing yards and 2500 rushing?

As of the 2008 season: 1) Randall Cunningham - 4,928 rushing yards and 29,979 passing yards 2) Steve Young - 4,239 rushing yards and 33,124 passing yards 3) Fran Tarkenton - 3,674 rushing yards and 47,003 passing yards 4) Steve McNair - 3,590 rushing yards and 31,304 passing yards 5) John Elway - 3,407 rushing yards and 51,475 passing yards 6) Donovan McNabb - (through 1 game of the 2008 season) 2,965 rushing yards and 25,765 passing yards 7) Jim Harbaugh - 2,787 rushing yards and 26,288 passing yards

Who had the worst rushing defense in the NFL in 2008?

Detroit Lions.The Lions gave up 2754 rushing yards in 2008 for an average of 172.1 yards per game. The Oakland Raiders were second worst giving up 2555 rushing yards and next came the Kansas City Chiefs who gave up 2543 rushing yards.

How many yards did Terrell Davis have in 1998?

2225 ... 2008 rushing yards and 217 pass receiving yards.

Who leads the nfl in rushing yards in the 2008 season?

Adrian Peterson (Vikings) led the league with 1760 yards rushing. Second was Michael Turner (Falcons) with 1699 yards. The highest rushing rookie was Steve Slaton (Texans), rushing for 1282 yards (6th highest for all players).

Who holds the record for most career rushing yards in NCAA history?

Ron Dayne is the NCAA career rushing leader with 6397 yards.Xavier Omon has 7,010 rushing yards as of 9 DEC 2007.Ron DayneNate Kmic has 8,074 rushing yards as of DEC 13 2008

Who had the most rushing yards in 2008?

Chris Johnson- 423, Tennessee Titans

Who has the mot rushing yards in 2008?

Chris Johnson- 425, Tennessee Titans

What nfl player during 2008 had the most rushing yards?

Adrian Peterson

How manyNFL leading rusher on super bowl team?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, the NFL leading rusher has played in the Super Bowl 5 times: 1) Shaun Alexander led the NFL with 1880 rushing yards for the 2005 Seattle Seahawks that lost Super Bowl XL to the Pittsburgh Steelers. 2) Terrell Davis led the NFL with 2008 rushing yards for the 1998 Denver Broncos that won Super Bowl XXXIII over the Atlanta Falcons. 3-5) Emmitt Smith led the NFL with 1773 rushing yards for the 1995 Dallas Cowboys that won Super Bowl XXX over the Pittsburgh Steelers, 1486 rushing yards for the 1993 Dallas Cowboys that won Super Bowl XXVIII over the Buffalo Bills, and 1713 rushing yards for the 1992 Dallas Cowboys that won Super Bowl XXVII over the Buffalo Bills.

How many career rushing yards does pat white of West Virginia have?

3,873 Yards (September 27, 2008)

Who has the most rushing yards in the cotton bowl?

Tony Temple of Mizzou in 2008. He had over 300 yards and 4 touchdowns

What running back has the highest rushing yards per game for a career?

I think Walter Payton did have the record over Jim Brown, but i think Emmit Smith Broke the record. Walter Payton had all 13 Seasons with 1000 rushing yards or more, and had the record for most yards in a game, but i think it was broken just recently. But i do still think Walter Payton is the Best Running Back of all time. ---- As of the 2008 season, that record is held by Jim Brown with 104.3 rushing yards per game. Barry Sanders is second at 99.8 rushing yards per game and Terrell Davis is third at 97.5. Payton is 8th with 88.0 rushing yards per game and Emmitt Smith is 17th at 81.2.

Who holds the record for most career rushing yards by a quarterback?

Patrick White, WVU QB 2005-2008 4,385 yards

Who holds the record for most NFL rushing yards in a game?

Adrian peterson-296 yards 2008 verses San Diego

What place does Pat White hold in QB rushing yards?

3,936 (October 4, 2008)

Who holds Indianapolis Colts' single season rushing record?

Through the 2008 season, that is Edgerrin James with 1,709 rushing yards in the 2000 season.

Who had the most rushing yards in the NFL in 1998?

The leading rusher in the NFL for the 1998 season was Terrell Davis of the Denver Broncos with 2008 yards.

What players have had 1000 yards rushing and 100 receptions in a yr?

In the NFL through the 2008 season, only LaDainian Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers with 100 receptions and 1645 rushing yards in 2003 has done that.

Who had most rushing yards in Atlanta Falcons history?

Through the 2008 season: 1) Gerald Riggs - 6,631 career rushing yards with the Falcons 2) William Andrews - 5,986 3) Warrick Dunn - 5,981

Who had the most rushing yards in college?

As of December, 2008 the answer to this question is Nate Kmic from Mount Union College. Kmic finished one of the best seasons ever for a college running back and now holds college football's record for career rushing yards with 8,074 yards. This season Kmic ran for a record 2,790 yards with 43 rushing and 44 total touchdowns as he led the Purple Raiders to their 10th NCAA Division III National Championship with a 31-26 win over UW-Whitewater.

Who leads the NFL in rushing yards in 2008?

Through Week 10 that is Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings with 1,015.

Who has more rushing yards Matt forte or Darren mcfadden?

In 2008 proably Matt Forte because Mcfadden struggled with a injury. Matt forte probably has more in 09 to because the raiders rotate there running backs so they all have average yards.

What NFL player holds the records for rushing the most yards in a single game?

As of the start of the 2008 season, Adrian Peterson rocked the San Diego Chargers November 4th, 2007 with 296 yards rushing for the NFL record. == ==