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England is the only team to have won both the World Cup and the Six Nations.

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Q: Which rugby team won the most world cups and six nations?
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Which country has won the most rugby world cups?

Australia, South Africa and New Zealand have all won it twice. England is the only other country to have won it. Australia, 2 (1991, 1999) South Africa, 2 (1995, 2007) New Zealand, 2 (1987, 2011) England, 1 (2003)

Who has won the most rugby world cups - Australia or France?

Australia has won twice (1991, 1999) and France has not won a Rugby World Cup.

Who is the most successful rugby union player of all time?

John Eales won two world cups and a fair few tri nations he could score drop goals too!

Witch nations has the most world cups in fifa world cup?

brasil with 5 Italy with 4

Which sport has most registered players between rugby and hockey?

rugby because there are more nations that play

Who has won the most Rugby Union cups?

Australia and South Africa are both joint on winning two world cups. England and New Zealand have won it once each.

Which team won the most cups in the world?

If you are asking the most world cups , then it is Brazil with 5 world cups.

Who has played the most times for Ireland as a prop in rugby 6 nations?

John Hayes

What sport has most players in world?


Which sport is most popular in nz?

Rugby is the most popular in nz. New Zealands rugby team is one of the best in the world winning the tri nations 4 times. The second most popular sport is soccer but New Zealand only getting in the fifa world cup to win very few games.

What has New Zealand achieved in rugby?

New Zealand won the very first world cup in 1987. They have won the Tri-Nations Cup the most times out of anyone (10 or 11 times) and have been anounced by the International Rugby Board as the worlds best rugby team.

Which rugby player has scored the most points in the rugby world cup.?

Johnny Wilkinson

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