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In 1996 it was only the 5 Nations, as Italy only joined in 2000. England won the 1996 5 Nations.

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Q: Which rugby team won 6 nations in 1999?
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Which team won the 1999 Rugby World Cup?


What rugby team has won the Rugby World Cup in 2000?

There was no Rugby World Cup in 2000. There was one in 1999 won by Australia and the next was in 2003 and won by England.

When did welsh rugby team won the games?

Wales won the Six Nations Championship in 2012 with a Grand Slam. This means that Wales won all 5 of their games.

When did Scotland win the rugby world cup?

Scotland has never won the Six Nations although they won the last Five Nations in 1999.

Who won rugby in 1999?

Assuming you mean who won the rugby world cup in 1999 then it was Australia beating France 35 - 12

How many times have Scotland rugby tean in the 5 nations in the 1990s?

Scotland have won the tournament twice once in 1990 and once in 1999

When did dublin last win the all ireland?

Ireland have won the Six Nations title three times. In 2009 when they beat every other team to win the 'Grand Slam'. They also won in 2014 and again in 2015, though they did not complete the Grand Slam in either of those two years.

What has New Zealand achieved in rugby?

New Zealand won the very first world cup in 1987. They have won the Tri-Nations Cup the most times out of anyone (10 or 11 times) and have been anounced by the International Rugby Board as the worlds best rugby team.

Who won the 6 nations rugby on 27th of February 1960?

No one won the 6 nations in February 1960 as there wasn't 6 nations playing in the competition.It was the 5 nations at this time - Italy was not a member team until 2000However, the 5 nations championship was shared between France and England

Has the Italian rugby team won the world cup?

Italy have never won the Rugby World Cup.

Who won the rugby match in 2o10?

that team

Who won rugby world cup in 1999?