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The blue ring.

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Q: Which represents Europe in the Olympics rings?
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What colour represents europe in the Olympic rings?

none. any of the Olympic rings could be Europe.

What do the 5 Olympics rings represents?

They represent the five continents.

Why does the Olympics rings interconnect?

Represents unity, infin-ity, wholeness, and of the Olympic games

What do the rings in the Olympics logo signify?

The Ring of the Olympic Logo signifies the 5 Continents. The bundle of the 5 rings represents unity.

What do the colors of the rings represent?

The famous rings symbol of Olympics was designed in 1912. It represents colors from the flags of all the nations that participated in the games that year.

Why are there mascots in the Olympics?

The Olympic games do not have an official mascot. The logo of the Olympics is five interconnected rings. Each ring represents an inhabited continent on earth.

Name the 5 continents which the rings of Olympics represent?

America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa

How many contestants were there at the 2004 Olympics?

The answer is 12 - as usual, double the number of rings in the logo (of which each half-ring represents a single competitor). The number of rings, and hence competitors, doubles at each Olympics. This means at the 2012 London Olympics there will be a total of 45 competitors.

At which Olympics did the Olympics Rings debut?

The olympic rings debuted at the 1920 summer Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium.

What do the olympics rings stant for?

The Olympic rings symbolize the five continents of the world, as they were recognized in the late 19th century: Africa, America, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Do the Olympic rings represent a continent?

Yes, they represent the five continents that are involved in the olympic games. Blue represents Europe, yellow represents Asia, green represents Australia, red represents America and black represents Africa.

What do the five rings of the Olympics signify?

the five continents, asia, europe, north and south america and australia/oceania

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