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She's a Mormon.

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Q: Which religion does Torah Bright practice?
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What is Torah Bright's full name?

Torah Jane Bright

How tall is Torah Bright?

Torah Bright is 5' 4".

Torah as a girl's name?

Torah Bright

What event in Jewish history do you think is most formational or significant for Jewish religious practice today and Why?

The Giving of the Torah by God, because the Torah defines the Jewish religion.

How old is Torah Bright?

Torah Bright is 31 years old (born December 27, 1986).

Is Torah Bright Jewish?


Is Torah bright a Australian?


Is Torah Bright a Vegetarian?


What do they do to celebrate their religion Torah?

Judaism is the faith where the Torah is.

What has Torah Bright achieved?

One of Torah Bright's achievements is a gold medal for Snowboarding, Ladies' Half Pipe, achieved at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

What could be found in the Torah?

The Torah contains the basis of the religion of Judaism.

What religion has the practice keep kosher?

Judaism has the practice of keeping kosher, which involves following a set of dietary laws and regulations outlined in the Torah, specifically in Leviticus and Deuteronomy. These laws dictate what food can and cannot be consumed, as well as how it should be prepared and handled.