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lamellated corpuscles

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Q: Which receptor would a pole vaulter use to keep track of his position in mid air?
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What advice would you give to a pole vaulter?

male fellapion

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tactile receptor

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What is the average salary of a pole vaulter?

I would say somewhere around $0. Only the very top elite athletes will make any money

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Why do pole vaulters run very fast before vaulting?

Without speed a vaulter would never get off the ground. The forward momentum built up in the run is transferred to the bend in the pole and in upward momentum used to clear the bar. Typically a pole vaulter possesses sprinters speed and are good all around athletes.

Which would least be affected by defective receptor proteins on a cell membrane?


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all parasympathetic target organs

Where would you not find cholinergeric nicotinic receptor?

all parasympathetic target organs

What would be least affected by defective receptor proteins on a cell membrane?