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Q: Which racquet sport features both hardball and softball versions?
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Related questions

Which racquet sport features both hardball and softball version?


What are the characteristics of a racquetball racquet?

Racquet comprising a ball striking surface, a racquet head frame, and a racquet handle. Different dimensions and lighter than a tennis racquet.

What is a tennis racquet?

A racquet used to play tennis.

Does rain wreck a tennis racquet?

not the racquet but the strings

Is volleyball is a racquet sport?

A racquet is not used for volleyball.

A badminton racquet is blank than a tennis racquet?


When did Charles Racquet die?

Charles Racquet died in 1664.

When was Charles Racquet born?

Charles Racquet was born in 1597.

What brand of tennis racquet is the easiest for beginnersintermediates?

probably a Wilson or prince racquet, look for a headsize around 110 sq. in. and a lighter racquet

What is the name of a bat used in tennis?

tennis racquet

When was Racquet Club of Chicago created?

Racquet Club of Chicago was created in 1923.

When was Racquet Club of Philadelphia created?

Racquet Club of Philadelphia was created in 1889.

Where can you purchase a racquetball racquet?

You can purchase a racquetball racquet at Dick's Sporting Goods. Besides racquetball racquets you can also find racquet balls and other sports equipment.

What does prestrung racquet mean?

A tennis or other sports racquet sold at retail is technically "prestrung" (ready to use). Pre-strung means the racquet is shipped to the store already strung and that is the way you purchase it. In specialty sports stores and pro shops, you purchase the racquet, choose the strings, and have the racquet strung at the tension you request.

What is a badminton racquet made of?

A badminton racquet is made of titanium, graphite & fullerene.

When should you get a new tennis racquet?

When your current racquet gets too light/heavy, you are having an upgrade, it breaks or has a fracture. If you break the strings, just get them replaced, not the whole racquet.

How do you tape a tennis racket?

A tennis racquet is taped using racquet head tape that should be available at any sporting goods store. It is applied to the outside of the top half of the racquet to keep the racquet head from being scratched on the ground when hitting low shots. Weighted tape is also available for those who want to customize the weight distribution of the racquet head.

How much does a tennis racket weigh?

A tennis racquet usually weighs anywhere from 9 ounces to 12.5 ounces. Every tennis racquet has a different weight, and with lead tape, players can customize their tennis racquet's weight past the standard weight of the racquet.

What are the different types of racquet sports?

There are over twenty different forms of racquet sports. The most popular of these are: Racquet Ball, Tennis, BadMinton, Lacrosse, Paddle Ball and Ping Pong.

What is a sweet spot on a tennis racquet?

The sweet spot is the central part of the strings. Players aim to hit as many shots in this area of the racquet as they can produce better quality shots. There is usually a drawing on the sweet spot of a racquet e.g. on a wilson racquet, the 'W' on the strings is the sweet spot

Which is not a racquet sport?

for APEX... volleyball

What is the homograph for racket?


What is the age range for junior tennis racquets?

The age range for junior tennis racquets depends on the size of the racquet. A 17-19 inch racquet is for children from the ages of three to five. A 21-23 inch racquet is for children from six to eight years of age. A 25 inch racquet is for kids from eight to ten years of age. A 26-27 inch racquet is for children who are eleven and up.

What is the worst yonex badminton racquet in the world?

The worst Yonex badminton racquet is the one you use worst.

What is the size of a badminton racquet?

A badminton racquet sizes is never over the size of 680mm in height and 230mm in width.

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