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Every track but Daytona, Bristol, Richmond, Chicago, Phoenix, Charlotte, Darlington, and Auto Club Speedway (California).

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Q: Which race tracks do not have night races in Nascar?
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Does a Nascar driver use the same car in a night to night race?

A race that starts on one night and ends on another? NASCAR doesn't run that kind of race. Given that, NASCAR drivers use the same cars for night races as they do for day races, but they wouldn't use the same car for the Coke Zero 400, which is at Daytona, as they would the Irwin Tools Night Race, which is at Bristol, or the Coca-Cola 600, which is at Charlotte, because the tracks are so much different. (A NASCAR team has about a dozen cars to choose from and they're all set up differently for different track conditions.)

Do the same officials attend all of the Nascar Sprint Cup races and do the race tracks pay for their services?

Most of the officials attend every race. Like any job from time to time someone will not be able to work a race. The tracks do not pay them, they are payed by NASCAR.

How many NASCAR race tracks do not have lights?


How many Nascar Sprint Cup Series tracks are there?

Currently, there are 23 race tracks in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series.

What race for NASCAR is in the summer?

Nascar holds multiple races at several different tracks during the summer. Their July races are held in Daytona, New Hampshire and Indianapolis. In August they travel to Pocono, Watkins Glen (NY), Michigan and Bristol, Tennessee.

Does NASCAR have races on Saturday?

If it's a night race weekend, they'll run the Nationwide race on Friday night (if there's a Nationwide race at that track that weekend) and the Cup race on Saturday night. For daytime race weekends, the Nationwide race will be Saturday and the Cup race on Sunday.

Which NASCAR tracks has Tony Stewart not won at in the NASCAR Cup Series?

Tony Stewart has not won a Nascar Cup Series race at Darlington Raceway, and Kentucky Speedway. He also never won a race at Rockingham Speedway, which does not hold Cup Series races any longer.

Do they race Nascar race cars in Chile?

No. Nascar primarily sanctions races in the United States and Canada. They have held exhibition races in Japan and Australia. Prior to 2009, the Nascar Nationwide Series had one race in Mexico City, Mexico.

What is Richard Petty's race record?

Click on the link below to see all of Richard Petty's Nascar races. This information will provide race dates, names, tracks and starting and finishing positions.

What is the work environment of a NASCAR driver?

Race tracks, garages, and home.

How many NASCAR race tracks are there?

Currently there are 28 active tracks used in Nascar's top three series. Click on the link below to see all the current tracks.

When do NASCAR drivers work?

Nascar drivers work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Racing in Nascar is their job. They run 36 races, and an All-Star race from February to November. Some drivers participate in race car test sessions during the week at other tracks. Mostly they qualify their cars on Friday, practice on Saturday and race on Sunday. They have occasional Saturday night races instead of Sunday afternoon. They have one weekend off in March, Easter weekend off and one more weekend in July.

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