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Q: Which quarterback beat every NFL team?
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Has Brett Favre ever beat the Dallas Cowboys in his career?

He is the only quarterback in the NFL to have beat every team, including the Cowboys. Yes, he has beaten them.

What NFL team has beat the Green Bay Packers?

Former NFL commissioner Bert Bell ('46-'59) was known to have said famously "on any given Sunday, any team in the NFL can beat any other team." So many teams have beat the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers, current Packer quarterback, has beat every team except the Cincinnati Bengals.

Did Dan Marino beat every NFL team?

No. For one thing, he never beat the Dolphins.

Did John Elway beat every NFL team?

John Elway defeated every NFL team besides the Broncos, with whom he played for his entire career.

Has Brett Favre beat all 32 teams in NFL?

Yes, Brett has beat every team in the NFL including the Packers in 2009.

What NFL quarterback has beaten all but one team in the NFL?

Brett Farve

Has Brett Favre beat every team in the NFL?

Yes on 10/5/09

What did Brett Favre accomplish that only one super bowl quarterback before him had done?

Defeated every team in the NFL

Are nfl teams jinxed from ever winning the super bowl?

No they are not. Every NFL team has a chance to improve themselves in the draft and take a shot at the Super Bowl every year. It can take time and finding a great quarterback is tricky but every team has a shot at the title every year.

Which NFL quarterback never beat WVU in his college career?

Doug Flutie

What NFL team has never had a black quarterback?

New England Patriots

Could the best team in college beat the worst team in the NFL?

There is not a chance in the whole world that the best college team beat the worst NFL team!

Who is the oldest quarter back in the NFL?

The oldest quarterback is Brett farve of the minnesota vikings and he is the starter quarterback of his team

Are the Indianapolis Colts the best team in the NFL?

Yes and they will always be the best team in the NFL because they have Peyton Manning the BEST quarterback EVER!!

Which NFL team drafted quarterback Johnny Unitas in 1955?

The Pittsburgh Steelers

Who have the Pittsburgh Steelers beaten in their history?

The Steelers beat every team in the NFL at least one time in their history.

What NFL team beat the Miami Dolphins in the 1999 playoff game?

which NFL team beat the Miami Dolphins in the 1999 playoff game

What NFL team has not won a game?

Every NFL team has won a game.

Could an NFL team of the 70's beat an NFL team of today?

Only if they were the 72 dolphins.

Why do the NFL qbs where that c?

That 'C' on a player's jersey indicates the player is one of the captains of the team. Almost always in the NFL, a team's starting quarterback is one of the captains of the team.

Who is the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks NFL football team?

Presently it is Matt Hasselback.

What NFL team has never won a game?

Every NFL team has won a game.

How much money does a NFL Quarterback make?

The average quarterback in the NFL makes about $1,970,982 per year. This can be higher if they have performance incentives where team or individual statistics can increase their salary. ChaCha!

What position did mike Vick play in college?

Quarterback... Just like every other NFL quarterback. Played for Virginia Tech

When did NFL Quarterback Club happen?

NFL Quarterback Club happened in 1994.