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One is Troy Polamalu! Go Steelers!!

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Q: Which professional players wear the number 43?
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What famous athletes wear number 43?

Pittsburgh Steeler Safety Troy Polamalu is on of the most famous players to wear the number 43.

Who wore the number 0 in the NHL?

Paul Bibeault - Montreal Canadiens 1942-43.Neil Sheehy - Hartford Whalers 1987-88.

Which New York Yankees players have worn the number 43?

Damaso Marte wore #43 for the Yankees in 2009.

What current football players are wearing number forty-three?

The most popular guy wearing 43 is Troy Polomalu.

What number is a prime number 21 39 43 49?

43 is.43 is.43 is.43 is.

What are the holidays for football players?

43 weeks

What is a prime number of 43?

It is 43.It is 43.It is 43.It is 43.

Is the number 43 an irrational number?

No, 43 is not an irrational number.

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