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The US Open can best be described by its name, Open. It is open to everyone to play in provided you have at least a handicap of 1.4 or better. As Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy called it "...the most democratic Golf tournament in the world". Once you meet that requirement you can enter qualifying tournaments to gain entry into the US Open tournament. Professionals who do not qualify automatically (See below) and amateurs may begin the qualifying process by playing in an 18-hole local qualifying tournament. The top scores from the local tournaments earn entrance to a 36-hole sectional qualifying tournament. The top scores from there gain entrance to the US Open. There are also qualifying tournaments in Europe and Japan. Players can also earn Automatic entries as long as they meet the following requirements:

- They won the U.S. Open in the previous 10 years

- They won the Masters, British Open or PGA Championship tournament in the previous 5 years

- They finished in the top 30 on PGA money list in the previous year

- They finished in the top 15 on the European Tour in the previous year

- Or, if they are ranked in the top 50 of the official world golf rankings two weeks prior to the tournament.

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Q: Which professional golfers qualify for the US Open?
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Of all he tournaments in the professional golfers association which four are considered the majors?

The Masters, The US Open, The Open and PGA Championship.

How many professional golfers are there in the US?

There are more than 27,000 professional men and women golfers in the United States. These golfers are trained through the PGA - the Professional Golfers' Association of America.

Who were the first father and son golfers to make the cut in the US Open?

Joe Kirkwood

Who is Rory McIlroy?

Rory McIlroy is a professional golfer from Northern Ireland. He has won multiple major championships, including the U.S. Open, the Open Championship, and the PGA Championship. He is known for his powerful swing and is considered one of the best golfers in the world.

What four tournaments make up a golfers grand slam?

The Masters, the open championship, the USPGA championship and the US open. Though not in that order.

Which course was the US Open played on during the first year that no amateur golfers made the cut?

The Country Club

What former Oriole attempted to qualify for the US Open?

I believe it's Rick Sutcliffe

How many professional golfers make a hole in one in their careers?

Good Question! The exact answer is 24,765. Not.. I have also been wondering the same thing though. Obviously, I stumbled upon your question. But i do believe that the US government should add the question to the next census so we will know how many people in the US have hit an ace.

How many golfers in the us?

a bunch i guess

If all the US pro golfers were asked if they could choose one tournament a year to win which one would it be?

I would guess that U.S. golfers think that the Masters is the one to win with the U.S. Open coming in second. Only one opinion.

What is the difference between Amateur and Professional golfers?

Amateur golfers have handicaps, professionals do not. Amateur golfers can only win prizes with a retail value of (£250/$500), professional golfers have no limit on their winnings. Amateur golfers may wear shorts in tournaments, professional golfers cannot. Players in PGA tournaments in the US must attend a school to become tour-qualified, and must be members of the PGA or associated world golf organizations. The tournament agreement stipulates a player's behavior, adherence to the rules, and disposition of their rights for broadcast television appearances.

How much does a professional golfer pay to play US Open?