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Probably Pele of Santos Brazil

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Q: Which professional football player holds the record for most career goals with the same team?
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Which professional football player holds the record for career rushing yards?

Michael Irvin

When professional football player Dan Marino retired in 1999 he held the record for most career passing yards of 61361. What were his total career passing yards rounded to the nearest hundred?


Who is the highest scoring professional CFL football player?

Lui Passaglia, placekicker/punter for The BC Lions from 1976-2000. He scored a total of 3,991 points, which is the record for most points by a player in any professional football league.

What is the most points scored by a football player in his career?

Kicker Morten Anderson played in the NFL for 25 years. He currently holds the record for the most points scored in a career at 2,544.

What is Brett favre career record on monday night football?


What was Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson's fight record?

Muhammad Ali had a professional record of 56-5. Tyson's record in his professional career was 50-6 with 2 no contests.

How many losses has Ben Roethlisberger had in his career as a football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

As of the end of the 2009 season, Ben has a 60-26 regular season record and a postseason record of 8-2.

What was Joe Louis' career record?

Joe Louis' professional boxing record was 69-3 with 55 knockouts.

How many football clubs are there in the UK?

92 Professional Football clubs from what I gather.I dont think there is a record of Amateur Football Clubs tho.

What does Bruno Mars do for living?

Bruno Mars has a career as a professional singer-songwriter and record producer.

What is the current record career of the most professional rushing yards gained?

18, 355 yards.