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Mark Bellhorn of the Chicago Cubs in the fourth inning of a game on August 29, 2002 and Carlos Baerga of the Cleveland Indians in the seventh inning of a game on April 8, 1993 are the only two players that have hit home runs from both sides of the plate in the same inning.

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Q: Which professional baseball players have hit home runs from both sides of the plate in the same inning?
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What was the shape of home plate in early baseball history?

Early professional baseball did not have the home plate we are used to seeing today. In its early years, home plate was a diamond shape.

What is the distance between the pitchers mound and home plate in professional baseball?

70 feets

What baseball players reached home plate to 1st base in 3.1 seconds?

Ricky Henderson

How far to home plate on a minor league baseball field?

The pitcher's mound is 60' 6" for all professional baseball.

How far is the pitcher mound from home plate in professional baseball?

the distance from the pitchers mound to home plate is 60 feet 6 inches.

How far do baseball players pitch from the mount to the plate?

60 feet 6 inches

Which of the players on a baseball team stand on the mound?

The pitcher. Also, the 1st baseman will stand on the mound to cut off a throw from the outfield to home plate.

How many sides does the baseball plate have?

A baseball plate has five sides.

These come in handy for players behind the plate?


What is the minimum number of baseball players on the field during active play?

Ten: nine position players on defense (Catcher, pitcher, first base, second base, shortstop, third base and three outfielders) and a batter at the plate on offense.

What is Carlos Ruiz famous for?

Carlos Ruiz is a professional baseball player that currently plays for the Philadelphia Phillies. He's a catcher that has been known for his defense behind the plate and occasionally his bat.

Who are the MLB players to steal home base in 2009?

Jacoby Ellsbury of the Boston Red Sox stole home plate against Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte on April 26, 2009. Jayson Werth of the Philadelphia Phillies stole home plate in the seventh inning against the Dodgers on May 12, 2009.