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Please don't use huge words like that.

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Q: Which pro team does an excellent job of utilizing its assets and selling them to sponsors?
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2 Revenues represents a. an outflow of assets resulting from the sale of goods or services b. assets received from selling products or services c. assets used or consumed in selling products or?

assets received fro selling products or services

Advantage of selling assets to other businesses?

You can get money.

Sales of assets definition?

selling products that you own in the business

Is the sale of a company's assets taxable for city income taxes to the business selling the assets?

Depends on the city's tax code.

What does Financial capital include?

Money and assets are financial capital. Businesses can liquidate assets by selling them to get the money they need for operations.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of selling assets?

advantages of assets:- 1)old assets sales profits 2)that's not working old assets that's way sale 3)more profit and deprecation less disadvantages of assets 1)old is gold that's way loss 2) less profit and 3)selling the old loss of industries

The cost principle requires that when assets are acquired they be recorded at?

Selling price

What is the analysis that uses the percent of fixed assets to total assets?

The analysis that uses the percent of fixed assets to total assets is called the fixed asset turnover ratio. It helps measure a company's ability to generate revenue from its fixed assets, such as property, plant, and equipment. A higher ratio indicates better utilization of fixed assets, while a lower ratio suggests inefficiency in utilizing these assets.

What is the market for selling financial assets that can only be redeemed by the original holder?

Primary Market

Does net worth equal total assets plust liabilies?

Yes, Net worth is the residual value after utilizing all assets and paying off all liabilities so it is the actual value of business which is the actual benefit to the owners of business.

How long after SELLING of assets can you file bankrupt?

3 months, (90 days) in most states.

What is core current assets?

Core current assets are the essential assets, without which a company can not function. Since these assets are crucial to the survival of the company, they are usually not sold to raise cash. This implies two things. Firstly, the core current assets are not liquid and secondly, if a company is selling core current assets to raise cash, it is in dire situation or even close to bankruptcy.